Pocket Gamer: Death Race Review

The millennium was a dud, but not simply because the government dug a big pit next to the Thames, filled it with enough money to build ten hospitals and put a big useless tent over the top. No, it was also a disappointment because once the year 2000 finally rolled around, it wasn't celebrated by a national sport that involved armoured stock cars driving recklessly from coast to coast for our brutal, gory entertainment.

That's what the 1975 'classic' movie Death Race 2000 promised, but all we've actually seen (other than Lindsey Lohan on an night out) in terms of entertainingly irresponsible driving is a remake of the David Carradine/Sylvester Stallone movie some eight years later - and that's not shaping up to be too special. Of course, there's always the mobile game adaptation to save the day, and in a lot of ways it does. Hurrah for mindless violence!

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