The Punisher: No Mercy Coming Exclusively to PSN

PSBlog Writes: "In case you haven't already figured it out, there is a new Punisher game coming! We here at Zen Studios are super excited to announce that we're bringing Marvel's storied franchise The Punisher to PLAYSTATION Network. Just a quick FYI – EVERYONE here at Zen Studios is a massive Marvel True Believer, so the entire team is on fire for this project."


Here are some images from Gamespot, but they took it down for some reasons.

Source: Neogaf

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MaximusPrime4073d ago

seems more and more exciting news regarding PSN.

PSN indeed has been expanding. Nice job!

UNCyrus4073d ago

great thanks.... another game that's going to drain my wallet! why do you have to release so many good games back to back??

StephanieBBB4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

/care at U3 engine.

That engine looks so outdated it's not even funny anymore. Compare some newer tech like the Dunia engine to the crap we see here and it's a no brainer how old the U3 engine really is.

It may be easier to progam for but the reslut is far from good imo.

krackchap4073d ago

PSN is on a roll
fatal inetria, burnout, wipeout, etc and now this. i expect many more announcements at TGS.

Wildarmsjecht4073d ago

Snaps, didn't see that coming, But looking forward to hearing more about this.

juuken4073d ago

The Punisher in a game?
As long as they don't screw it up, I'm in. :3

thereapersson4073d ago

Punisher in a game isn't too surprising. What is surprising is the fact that this is a PSN title that came out of nowhere.

Looks interesting though; i'll have to keep my eye on this.

Ben10544073d ago

On PS2, it had wepon upgrade, armour upgrades, some wicked ways of killing people (locking them in a coffin with a grenade), open environments, ect

r2kcipher4073d ago

yep the one on the ps2 was fun. best movie based game i played..

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Rick Astley4073d ago

Wow you could even make your own character.

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The story is too old to be commented.