Strategy Informer: Dark Horizon Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Dark Horizon is a third person arcade style space shooter set deep into the future. The galaxy is threatened to be overwhelmed by a dark force known as the Mirk. You take the role of a novice Guardian – an elite fighter pilot who, although infected with Mirk yourself, strives to give humanity and the other sentient races in the galaxy a chance to win against the enemy onslaught. The story picks up with the good guys having just discovered a way to defeat the Mirk by using a special weapon, The Light Core, but it's not ready yet so you and your squadron mates must defend the Light Core outpost while the work on the project is completed.

Does that sound like a lot of story? You haven't seen anything yet. Before each episode (which is further divided into missions) you start in your cabin on the carrier space ship. From here you have access to all sorts of dream analysis, records on Mirk, Guardian history, weapons, tactics, and other details. In fact the pre-game, new game, and in-game cut scenes also are heavy on the background and depth of the story. The story takes itself so seriously that I expected to find a very serious space combat simulator and was sadly disappointed when I discovered that the space combat game play has a simplistic arcade feel."

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