Mysteries Left Behind in the Original Mass Effect Trilogy

With Mass Effect: Andromeda leaving the Milky Way galaxy the franchise will take on a brand new setting and journey. However, this means that the mysteries of the original trilogy will go unanswered.

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586d ago
CorndogBurglar586d ago

There sure are a lot of "nevers" in this article.

Just because this game is 600 years in the future and in a different galaxy does not mean future games cannot go back to a Post-Shephard Milky Way to get these answers...

megamanxvolnutt585d ago

Creative Director, Mac Walters, confirmed that Andromeda is a brand new start free from the original trilogy. The intent to develop Andromeda and not Mass Effect 4 is to keep that adventure contained. It's highly unlikely they will attempt to rewrite or add anything to that adventure seeing that they put a lot of time and effort to distance Andromeda from the Milky Way. No new faces and a new galaxy.

CorndogBurglar584d ago

I'm aware of whats been said.

But let enough people complain about these new characters and environment and we'll see what might happen.

Also, they don't even need to make a Mass Effect 4. They could still start a whole new story, even 100 years after ME3, and it would be all new characters and everything, except we could get lore that would help explain some of these things.

I'm not saying its going to happen, or even likely. But where do they go after Andromeda? If Andromeda becomes a new trilogy, what do they do after that? What if they make a ME Spinoff game, as big franchises have been prone to do.

What if, in a future game the Andromeda crew finds a way to communicate back to the Milky Way and you can get lore updates that way?

I'm just saying, to say we'll NEVER get these answers is a bit harsh.