Bioshock a week early in Europe on October 17th

Development on BioShock is going great. Therefore 2K decided to release BioShock a week early. Instead of 24th of october we can have fun in Rapture on the 17th of the same month.

All PS3 owners we do not own a good game PC or a Xbox 360, you are adviced to check this game out. BioShock on Xbox 360 won many prizes as best game of the year 2007.

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Mr PS34076d ago

They can keep this year old piece of Crap

Gonna Spend my money on a Proper FPS like Resistance 2

Not this pile of steaming monkey piss

littlenuthead4076d ago

it gives me an extra week 2 finish if before fallout 3

pandabear4076d ago

This has nothing to do with 'development going well etc etc' and everthing to do with the release schedule for the 24th

Fallout 3
Farcry 2

ALL out on the 24th so it is a good business move to bring it forward

gaffyh4075d ago

Pandabear speaks the truth, they are trying to finish the game quickly so it doesn't coincide with LBPs release (especially cos it is PS3 exclusive). Cos most people will only be buying 1 game that week and it will be LittleBigPlanet.

Bebedora4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Hah haaa!

You bought an Xbox4076d ago

You Two loosers
Bought an Xbox

Ha Ha

Bebedora4075d ago

People obviously didn't understand my EU joke.

TANOD4076d ago


Nelson M4076d ago

Bring back nasim too !!!
You little FartKnocker !!

vhero4076d ago

most over rated game ever. Any FPS that would have been multi format on launch with NO multiplayer would have bombed it sold so damn well because it was exclusive i'm not saying it was a bad game but once you completed then what? no long ability on this game and it will probably sell terrible on PS3 as 90% of the people who would probably have bought have probably already completed several times.

SL1M DADDY4076d ago

Sold it and will be buying it ont he PS3. I know many folks that are doing the same. It has some great extras and is a great game for any console. You have to know, there are many folks out there that did not buy it on the 360 'cause not all PS3 owners have a 360 and cisa-versa. It will sell fairly weel. Maybe not as well as it did when it was first released but game sales do not make games better or worse and in this case, this game is great no matter what system it is played on.

militant074076d ago

it was big disspointment for me, my friend forced me to buy it -,-

deeznuts4076d ago

I just got a 360 but I am waiting for this one. Just because they say there is more content.

Or is it pretty inconsequential and I should go ahead and get it for my 360? Sad to say, the 360 hasn't been turned on recently as I get multiplats on the PS3 (quieter). Should I just get it or wait?

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The story is too old to be commented.