1UP: Hands-On With Home's 'Uncharted Bar'

1UP says- While Home director Jack Buser walked us through pretty much everything the service currently has to offer -- from the social gatherings in the Central Plaza to the virtual bowling and pool in the Game Space -- the most interesting thing we were shown was the "Uncharted Bar," a Game Space for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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beavis4play4070d ago

maybe 1up isn't sold on the idea, but i like it. anything like this can add to the experience of a game. and this is a fresh new experience, having never been done before. (not like the same old new multi-player maps, weapons, char. outfits.....etc. etc...)
ex. given in article about the 3 locked rooms which you have to figure out how to get in? sounds fun to me. not to sound fanboyish but, it sure beats looking at nintendo and 360 "mii" avatars.

TOO PAWNED4070d ago

1UP isnt sold on anything that comes from Sony or is exclusive for PS3. Its usually "I dont know guys, what do you think", "Not sold on it yet", "Not so sure about it" or "kind a meh".
Just shows how bias they are.

Time Lord4070d ago

This thing is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I don't understand why people hate free things.

marinelife94070d ago

Home is new, cool, and free.

I'm not quite "sold" on 1up being unbiased.

LastDance4070d ago

Do you guys think arnold schwarzernegger will use home?

Jake11114070d ago

How many gamers here have dreamed of going to E3 but couldnt afford the trip or didnt have a contact to let them in.??

Well guess what. All PS3 owners will now be able to go to virtual game conferences on the PS3. E3, GIC, etc etc.

This alone is going to make Home HUGE!! To be able to not only see the gaming conferences but to participate in asking the developers questions, play the demos etc.

This is GENIUS!! This is the future my friends. Save you air fair, gas, hotel, food, etc etc etc...

I am surprised no other gaming console company has thought of this before.


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HighDefinition4070d ago

Home is GREAT, as it expands it`ll only get better.

BTW, The only people who HATE on HOME aren`t in it.

TOO PAWNED4070d ago

Is there a reason to hate something that is FREEEEEE!!!
Why people forget that, that is usually the case with 1UP and GT crew. How can you try to spin Life with playstation into something negative when it is free! Well ask 1UP and GT they will explain you how.

Apocwhen4070d ago

Just because something is free does not make it immune to criticism. There is still always a level of expectency from any application, whether it be free or not. If it doesn't meet that level then it will always be open to criticism. Just because I watch free shows on tv, does that mean I am not allowed to criticize them if they don't appeal to me. Things like home will always be subjective. To one person it could be the next best thing and to another who doesn't participate socially all that much online then it may have no benefit to them.

twoface4070d ago

Home is a community. The community makes Home. Why bother reviewing empty rooms?

meepmoopmeep4070d ago

can't wait to check out the game/dev homes!

juuken4070d ago




nonAsianDroid4070d ago

I DO TO juuken. BUT I LOVE YOoooouuuu ALSo!

Let's watch some anime sometime

nonAsianDroid4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

ummmm sorry

so anyways carry on everyone yeepp

rawd4070d ago

From a marketing standpoint, it's brilliant. The more a user is absorbed into the game they are playing or might be interested in playing, the better. Plus it looks fantastic

beavis4play4070d ago

whoever disagreed, why the disagree?

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The story is too old to be commented.