Switch loads games much faster than the Wii U

This video comparison of Fast Racing Neo/Fast RMX shows just how much faster the Nintendo Switch is than the Wii U.

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latinlegend81580d ago

Isn't that the point? For the current systems to be better than last gen?

_-EDMIX-_580d ago

The fact that this is even news is actually quite scary.


This is a big deal to them

InKnight7s580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Ooooooh shit I cant beleive it!!! Much faster than last gen console while it still hold same 10 years old graphics? Wii U pro

meka2611580d ago

I would hope it would load faster, the switch uses cartridges lol.

NotoriousWhiz580d ago

The titles compared here are digital only.

jaredite83580d ago

Since it is digital only it shows that switch is just faster overall. The game is not 10 years old graphics as some retard suggests, it is a 2015 game and the switch version has double the resolution, better post processing effects and seems like if anti aliasing is too with other improvements. Also frame rate is better. So it is significant improvement for a game that is a port.