Capcom Announces The Disney Afternoon Collection

Capcom has announced they will be releasing a collection of games from the 1990s, titled The Disney Afternoon Collection. These games were originally released on the NES and were based off hit Disney cartoons.

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GamerProfessionals2201d ago

Wait, Capcom? That's an interesting choice.

NotoriousWhiz2201d ago

Capcom had great games on the SNES. They may suck at modern games, but they can probably do retro pretty well.

NapalmSanctuary2201d ago

They were nailing the side scrolling beat em ups in the 90s. I wish they would re-release a bunch of those.

badz1492201d ago

what's more interesting is, no Switch version.

PurpHerbison2200d ago

I'd actually be a little upset if there was a Switch version cause it begs to ask the question, "Where the hell is virtual console?"

PhoenixUp2201d ago

Considering that it was Capcom who developed all these games it should be obvious 😑

mxyzptlk2201d ago

Loved these games back in the days. Hope they do a collection for their games on the snes too

Pancit_Canton2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

They should re-mastered them all, kinda like what they did with Duck Tales.

rataranian2201d ago

Capcoms official statement: "Release Street Fighter again? Ok"

Relientk772201d ago

I never got to play most of these, maybe I'll pick this up

DualWielding2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Epic but would be better if they just remadeall the games like they did with Ducktales

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The story is too old to be commented.