Make Bill Gates' Day - Run Windows 2000 on PS3!

A member of the Official Playstation forums has announced that he managed to run Windows 2000 on the PS3 via Qemu and YDL.

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Brandon5226d ago

about 1 month ago one guy runned win xp with qemu on ps3 and there was a video on google video

nice_cuppa5226d ago (Edited 5226d ago )

ha ha ha ha.

that is bait cast.

watching the water .

wolfgang5226d ago

How nice, know we can enjoy the blue screen of death on the ps3. Is there really someone who want windows on the ps3 ?!?!?

Juevani : If I see a news that goes "PS3 can reheat your grillcheese!" will you post it ? Because you usually stop reading after "ps3" and post it anyway...

Juevani5226d ago

why?? are you jalouse cus ps3 can run everything and your green xpired box cant? these news just show us what kinda technology Sony is selling us for just 599 bux and no hiden fees ;) you pay 900 bux for a sh1tty console that dont do anything but brick and let you voice chat with 10 years old kids wanna be rambo on fps. dude get outta here your just makin a fool outta ur self.

wolfgang5226d ago

900 $ for a console ? That a ripoff, you should try buying your console in a store instead of ebay, way cheaper. Its also nice to see that you enjoy so Microsoft product that you are dying to install it to your "yet to be acquire Ps3". I always knew you were a MS Bithch Juevani.

wolfgang5225d ago

By the way, I don't know why you talk about my box because I own all three console, and that include... c'mon you can do it... start with a Ps... yes a PS3 (wow, you finally got it). So yes if the ps3 can do that I can do it because I own it. Jealous ? Probalby because I know you don't own one, or else you wouldn't be so much full of BS.

zonetrooper55226d ago

I actually paid £280 for my 360 and another £40 on GRAW. If you can do maths than you will find out that it comes out at £320. Juevani, could you please tell me why i would want to install any OS on the PS3 when i would rather play games, is the PS3 trying to be a computer?

Also, Xbox Live is better than the PSN which i really don't mind paying for, if you can't afford paying £40 a year or £2.50 a month then you must be very poor. Have fun using Blu-Ray which could turn out to be the next betamax, haha goodbye and have fun playing the only good game on the PS3 that being Motorstorm.

gta_cb5226d ago

i agree with you mate, i have an XBox360 Premium and i love it, i only have 8 games at the moment, but thats way more then the total amount of good PS3 games out at the moment hehe!
also XBox Live is amazing, and i dont live in the USA so i dont even have access to the movie download section yet, also just wanted to ask, does anyone know of when the download movies section on XBoxLive is going to be open to other places in Europe?

Juevani you will probadly say what all other Sony fanboys say, something like why pay when you can get it for free, but seriously XBoxLive is amazing, and i would pay much more then £40 a YEAR! which is nothing if you think about games on PC, like World of Warcraft, which you have to pay monthly, plus you have to buy the game, yet there are SOOOOO many online members of that game!

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