DS Lite sells 136k in two days

Nintendo says more than 136,000 units of its redesigned handheld were sold in first two days on market, on pace to match original DS figures.

One of the hottest gadgets currently on the market is Nintendo's DS Lite, a redesigned version of the dual-screened handheld originally released in 2004. The portable has been scarce in Japan, where new shipments have been regularly selling out as gamers snatch them up.

America was introduced to the handheld this past Sunday, and it appears that DS Lite fever isn't confined just to Japan. Nintendo claims more than 136,500 DS Lites were sold in the unit's first two days on sale in the United States.

A spokesman for the company told Reuters that the DS Lite is on pace to match the sales figures of the original DS, which sold half a million units in its first 10 days in retail.

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OutLaw6547d ago

It is incredible how the DS lite sold out like the first one did. I wonder if alot of people are trying to get rid of the older model now.

schnodder6547d ago

and they will sell 1 more when it hits the stores here in germany on june 23rd. can't wait.

ZeroAlarm6547d ago

And another here when it hits the UK

PS360PCROCKS6547d ago

wow! that's extremely impressive, and the Wii is coming out as well, Nintendo is doing well for themselves


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Profchaos2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Name someone that isn't trying to look us these days maybe cdpr.

Take two, ubi and yes even PlayStation are pushing us to own nothing and be happy with our live service ad injected games on a sub so they can raise prices at will and take access away when they see fit.

If it keeps up I'll be a full time retro gamer and this industry will be crashing hard

As rediculas as it sounds we need government reforms to defend consumer rights


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