Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: No More Heroes

Now available with a very budget-orientated price, No More Heroes is a Wii release that may have slipped by under-the-radar for many Wii owners. While those fans of Killer7, Contact and the soon-to-be-released Flower, Sun and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise will no doubt have been following the title throughout it's pre-launch press coverage, and many Wii-owning Hardcore Gamers will have most likely picked-up the title mainly due to an unfortunate lack of alternatives aimed at their most demanding of demographics, those having only recently acquired a Wii or simply having missed the title earlier in the year at it's original release may now be looking towards picking-up Rising Star Games' most eccentric European publication – yes, even more so than Bakushow.

The peculiar nature of No More Heroes extends beyond its Cel-Shaded aesthetic...

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