Heavy Rain: Objects can only be weapons "if the context makes it logical"

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has said that objects in thriller Heavy Rain may only be used in context, so don't expect to be walking around inside houses stabbing screwdrivers into coffee pots.

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TOO PAWNED4068d ago

This can only be surprise for those that have not played Indigo Prophecy.

If i want guns i have billion of other FPS/3rdPS games, so glad to hear this.

Mike Bowden4068d ago

Yeah Resistance, Resistance 2, Haze. It must get boring after a while playing so many generic first person shooters.

PirateThom4068d ago

You know, if you like Halo 3, you'd probably like Haze, since they play and look more or less the same.

Mike Bowden4068d ago

Ok, yeah. Metacritic disagrees with you, however.

LinuxGuru4068d ago

Wonderful argument Mike.

You couldn't have provided a better case for your cause.


thereapersson4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Fanboy logic tactic #20394324:

"When your argument is in doubt, use Metacritic. It holds no actual merit, but hey, neither does your original point."

Do you even realize how many of those reviewers were either given moneyhats from MS, or fell into MONUMENTAL wave of hype?

BTW, PirateThom is pretty much correct in his statement. I've played both Halo 3 and HAZE, and the way the game unfolds is pretty much similar, just with the difference being the scale of the events throughout the story.

That said, Halo 3 is still better than HAZE, regardless of the actual score. That's not saying much, though...

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thereapersson4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

lol, trying to trick people into thinking your positive so you'll get agrees / bubbles, and then throwing a stealth trolling opportunity into your comment. You aren't fooling anyone.

Edit: And by your logic, Gears of War and Halo are the only two good shooters on the 360 because that's ALL I ever hear 360 owners talk about. Moreso, Gears of War, because everyone has this weird complex where they have to compare every feature in every game to Gears. Get real, dude.

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Why o why4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )


"too much variety"

MS play the media game more than nintendo and sony and their fluff/advertising/viral budget is larger than some counties gdp. They use push tactics in the stores like GAMESTOP by offering incentives to sell their products. Are you living under a rock or has all the 'teh ps3 is dead' articles of last year been erased from your memory/hdd. Remember, they told us it was a faliure and if the ps3 was a faliure what is the 360?? The media is a tool, remember 'they' told us a plane crashed into the pentagon, the plane that disappeared on impact and left the crater of a missile.....tut tut

'what do you think Sony did with MGS4'

you just owned urself. If thats the case then you believe MS done that for their titles lol. MGS was just the best game this gen, get over it. It had the most perfect scores EVER yet its metacrap score didnt reflect that because they are very 'selective' in their pool therefore its foundation is fudamentally flawed as fcuk.

AAACE54068d ago

I get a strange feeling that this game will be bigger than alot of people expect!

At first it just seemed like a gimmick because it started out as a tech demo, but It seems like one of those games where people will see the commercial and say... "Holy sh*t! That's what the Ps3 is capable of?... I gotta get one!"

Call me crazy, but I feel like that's what will happen!

juuken4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

So Mike...I suppose your Gears of War is a godsend, correct?
Because...Gears of War 2 is more of the same. And Halo has been hyped so much that it's no wonder Microsoft wants to make another game out of it.

I mean, you come here on a PS3 article and stealth troll, as if you're jealous or something. Oh, but that's right, you'll say PS3 owners do the same thing on 360 articles!

Serously, if you're going to contribute, then contribute intelligently. If not, openzone is that way-->

And Omega, you need to go as well because the minute I came back here, even you don't contribute to the articles intelligently.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this game.

SixTwoTwo4068d ago

Welcome to my ignore list Mike Bowden.

Killjoy30004068d ago

And the "Character development," and voice acting & story in Halo werren't generic? What about the macho-attitude of all the guys in Geow? Gimme a F*ckin break.

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ape0074068d ago

talking about innovation

this one looks fantastic tbh

TheOtherGuy4068d ago

The game sounds BETTER and BETTER with each new article!!!!!

meepmoopmeep4068d ago

you can use any object as a weapon on the 360 version of Heavy Rain.
anything, even pick up a piece of grass and slit NPC throats.

yes, the 360 is THAT powerful.

i would wait for the 360 port and forget about the PS3 version.


AAACE54068d ago

As far as I know this game is only coming to the Ps3! Unless something got changed along the way?

LightningPS34068d ago

This isn't grand theft auto. And Sony is publishing it, so there's no 360 port.

meepmoopmeep4068d ago


i was only kidding AAACE5. Sony is the publisher. it's exclusive.

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