5 Franchises Konami Should Sell Or Lease

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Konami isn't using most of its franchises at this point, so why not sell them or rent them out to developers that could work magic on them?"

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Batzi2274d ago

Metal Gear - Kojima Productions

jokerman272274d ago

That would be great but I'm sure there is SO much bad blood that Kojima may never be able to play in his universe again! :(

PhoenixUp2274d ago

The Boss's words from MGS3 have become realistic in a meta way.

"Politics determine who you face on the battlefield. And politics are a living thing. They change along with the times. Yesterday's good might be tomorrow's evil."

The politics of the gaming industry has turned Konami from one of the most cherished publishers to one of its most despised over time for its misuse of its own IP.

TheColbertinator2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Another excuse to smash my controller in anger

gangsta_red2273d ago

I'll never forget finishing Super Contra on SNES and the game telling me to finish it in hard mode to see the teu ending.

I couldn't even get past the first stage in hard mode.

That's when i knew Konami hated gamers.

Nintendew2274d ago

Nintendo should buy Contra, life force and castlevania.

gangsta_red2273d ago

Lol, it would be nice to see anything new from those feanchises.

BlackIceJoe2274d ago

I'd like a new Snatcher and Goemon. If Konami wants to start using the Hudson Soft games then I'd like to see a new Bloody Roar.

ZeekQuattro2274d ago

I only played Primal Fury but I was hooked on that game for a long time. A new entry would be appreciated.

Relientk772273d ago

Seeing a new Goemon would be great

VsAssassin2274d ago

I beg Konami to sell Silent Hill to Sony if they are just making pachinko machines for it from here on.

PhoenixUp2274d ago

No reason for Konami to sell an IP that they can profit off of.

Besides Sony already owns the Siren series, a franchise made by the creator of Silent Hill.

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