The Curse of E.T.

Over time, tons of motion pictures have been licensed for a video game iteration. Unfortunately, no matter how good the movie, and even when the premise fits perfectly, games based on films tend to all suck. Or at least most of them.

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Silogon4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Man, is videgame news redundant anymore or what? I am pretty sick of hearing about how bad E.T. sucks, myself. I'm also sick of how everyone thinks they're privy to some big secert society when they say that copies of E.T. had to be buried in the desert.

Lame as hell, man. Move on. Movie games suck. We know. This won't change. We get it. Stop doing write ups about it and wasting your time and our time.

I remember the 1st time I heard about this "phenomenon" it was in an old EGM from the mid 90's. I thought while reading "wow, I bet only the people reading this magazine will know about this" Boy was I F*CKING wrong!