Mega Man 9 - Too Retro?

Mega Man 9, Capcom's upcoming title for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, is a deliberate attempt to recreate the 8-bit gaming experience we all remember from our childhood, with its blocky sprites and midi music intact. But in the wake of Capcom setting the standard for 'next-gen retro games' with Bionic Commando: Rearmed, is this really the right way for them to go with MM9?

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Silogon4069d ago

Who cares, people will still buy it and say it's the best game ever and that we just don't understand it if we don't like it.

ChickeyCantor4069d ago

Honestly i don't understand why you don't like it.
It's retro gaming, can't understand how one can't appreciate it.

Product4069d ago

If you ask that question......i have to question if you have played it
perfect return to what made Megaman 2 popular.
The game even has achievements,one beign called "perfect" which you have to beat the ENTIRE game without getting hit.......
if thats not brutal i dont know what is.

dib8rman4069d ago

The good ol’days are in full swing when I play or hear about this game. The fact that I can once again argue that anyone capable of getting “Perfect” is a loser and that another gamer (the real kind) can argue back, no they are hardcore (the original kind) brings back nostalgia, I’m happy Mega Man 9 is what it is, I enjoyed beating the snot out of cement man, as his stage is the only stage I can clear without ever taking a hit.

kapedkrusader4069d ago

...I don't care how many people disagree. But I love Megaman games and cannot stand that they spent all this time and resources on a game that:

1)Has no Trophy support.
2)Has no PSP Remote Play.
3)Plays at a 4:3 screen ratio.
4)Is done in the "artistic" 8-bit style.
5)No custom Soundtracks.
6)No surround sound.
7)Cost the same as Bionic Commando:Rearmed without the next-gen polish.

ChickeyCantor4069d ago

So its a rip-off...where is the contract you signed containing the line : "You must buy it, refusing is futile"

kapedkrusader4069d ago comment is based on me trying to keep people from paying $10 for this game. By the way, you don't have to buy something to call it a rip-off. I could say, "$50 for a Live Account? That's a rip-off.", without even owning an Xbox360. So what's your point?

BrotherNick4069d ago

Well the wii one has achievements, and it's a retro game, what do you honestly expect? You obviously don't get it. The only bad thing I see is that ps3 remote play is not enabled.

LiquifiedArt4069d ago

This DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON A 46inch HDTV. NO $$$ FROM ME. Plus i got the MegaMan X Collection (5 games in 1) ps2. IF they dont want to take the time and do a proper next-gen game, then i will not support them. NOSTALGIA is OUT THE WINDOW. Not paying for an 8-Bit game in 2008 sorry.

ChickeyCantor4069d ago


Seriously, that is just sad.
You must have had a horrible child hood 0_o.

M_Prime4069d ago

you obviously haven't heard how well Virtual Console is doing..