Tiny keyboard with retractable USB cord

Either this hand model has some serious glandular issues or that, my friends, is a tiny keyboard. The aptly-named "Super Tiny Keyboard" from Brando is probably aimed at keyboard-less UMPC owners?

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TheMART4076d ago

Make this work on my PSP slim with custom firmware :P

I already have the Targus IR wireless keyboard working on my Fat PSP with custom firmware, but it would be great to have a keyboard for typing on my Slim working also.

meepmoopmeep4076d ago

cool, i wonder if this could connect to the PS3 controller or something
might be a little awkward though.

Final_Rpg4076d ago

Looks cool. I wouldn't mind one for my ps3, that's if I don't end up purchasing the attachable USB keyboard.

Rourker4075d ago

another product in the fight against carpal tunnel.