EB Games Canada Implements Minimum $10 Trade Value On All PS4 & Xbox One Titles

EB Games Canada is ponying up a little extra cash for your pre-owned PS4 and Xbox One titles

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1247d ago
LordMaim1247d ago

Followed shortly by a wide expansion of games they won't take, and further exclusions based on volume.

But still, the fact that they're doing this shows that the "Circle of Life" story hurt them pretty badly.

jgilbert111247d ago

Exactly, I don't see them giving $10 for a copy of an old title that they have hundreds of on the shelf.

game4funz1247d ago

I may be wrong but... Circle of life applies to gamestop.... Not EB Games.

LordMaim1247d ago

Gamestop bought EB Games (Formerly Electronics Boutique) years ago. They're branded that way in Canada, but its the same company with the same policies.

RedPill861247d ago

Worked there. This is exactly what will happen. They've done it before.

AuditorGamer1247d ago

I can confirm this is exactly what they did (cut the list of acceptable games after the hype got out).

Also, each store makes up their own rules. EB Games is a sham. They also sell opened unsealed games as bramd new. I would never buy from this conpany.

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RedPill861247d ago

I've worked there. The next thing is a massive list of titles they won't take, Destiny will likely be one of the first. People turned right around when they heard the trade in value. Don't give them credit until they can do this without putting out a massive list (one they'll likely keep internal until the program is live) and not say a word to anyone, only informing customers as they bring in individual titles. This is typical EB. The just went through a mass execution of perfectly functioning hardware and software from the PS2 and original Xbox Era last year. These people don't give a crap about gaming.