GCA 2008: Q&A: Crytek founder on the future of gaming graphics

Gamespot Writes:

"When it comes to graphical finesse, few games in recent times have matched the looks of developer Crytek's Crysis and the just-released Crysis Warhead. The German company has been at the bleeding-edge of graphics with its Cry Engine, although the assumption that all Crytek games need uber-ninja PCs to run properly is something the company's been trying to shake. GameSpot AU caught up with Crytek president and co-founder Cevat Yerli at last week's Games Conference Asia 2008, with Yerli outlining his views on what the future will hold for game graphics. Yerli said that the next leap in graphics would come with the next generation of games consoles sometime after 2012, and that gamers shouldn't expect titles to look much better than they do now in the next few years to come."

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Vistrix4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

So does that mean the next Xbox will miss out on "next next" gen graphics? Weren't there rumors of the next Xbox coming out in 2009-2010?

If it is 2012, it would seem that only the PS4 and perhaps Nintendos next console would take advantage of the next graphical step and Microsoft would continue to take advantage of a headstart.

thor4073d ago

Yes if the next xbox came out in 2009-10, processors will NOT have improved significantly in speed since the 360 (they've kind of hit a wall and the only reason they are improving is due to architecture improvements/more cores which can only go so far) and graphics cards are going a similar way; considering they decide the graphics card 1-2 years before the console's out it can't be on the bleeding edge, and graphics cards have only been getting faster due to SLI and more cores on a chip. So in 2009-10 there won't really be a setup that can run anything more graphically demanding than crysis at max settings - and consoles are always quite a way behind the bleeding edge PCs.

The investment required to make graphics like crysis can do is huge. I can't see that a lot of studios can actually make graphics of that quality/scale (without making a very short game or taking a very long time). We are already starting to see games that are developed with lower graphics than is attainable, people can't always push graphics to the fore. See spore for an example of this. The next generation of consoles won't have every game at a much higher visual standard - it just costs too much and takes too much time. There will be first-party and big-budget third-party titles that will really try to push the consoles graphically, but it won't be a major leap from crysis.

Fishy Fingers4073d ago

Slow news period? Yerli's keynote speech must of been cut up and submitted over 10 times now.

InMyOpinion4073d ago

He's this week's Peter Moore =)

Killjoy30004072d ago

Jenzo, when will you stop giving yourself bubbles.

Marceles4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

"When it comes to graphical finesse, few games in recent times have matched the looks of developer Crytek's Crysis and the just-released Crysis Warhead."

I just beat Crysis Warhead and uh...I haven't seen a game that can match up with it. It's almost there on consoles, but there's still a little ways to go. The player models can be pretty detailed on a console, but there's no touching the PC when it comes to handling high-res textures.

Below: screenshots I took during gameplay, the 4th is my fav

thor4073d ago

Oh yeah that 4th one is where a vehicle's driving straight at you through a tunnel, I always use my speed boost and plant a vehicle mine/remote explosive :D

Marceles4072d ago

lol yeah, that one there's like 2 or 3 guys in the vehicle too. I just pictured them saying "O'DOYLE RULES! O'DOYLE RULES!" (explode)

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4073d ago

In all honesty, Crytek developed an engine that is both beautiful and foreboding. Other developers are forced to implement visual tricks and different styles of rendering to achieve decent HD graphics on current consoles. Crytek simply went all out and designed an engine that does everything long hand, forcing the player to adapt... or not play.

I play Warhead at 1360x768 with Enthusiast settings, motion blur off, with an average of 30 to 60 frames per second.

My PC is equiped with an 8800GTS 640mb, Conroe E6850, 2 gigs of ram, Vista 64 bit.

Is it safe to say Crysis looks better than any PS3 or 360 game I've played? ... Well yes and No. MGS4 has some excellent character models and tons of textures and shaders. Gran Turismo Prologue has the best car models ever implemented in a game. Motorstorm has some of the best mud effects I've seen in awhile. The list goes on really.

Bottom line is, if someone asked me what I thought about Crysis, I'd say "Graphics aside, it's the best PC benchmark game out there, and it's going to stay like that for awhile."

thor4073d ago

I think the whole engine, including the physics system and the streaming, is impressive. Not to mention that they're actually quite fun games to play. And who hasn't sat for ages shooting down all the palm trees in an area and then breaking their trunks up into little pieces?

ape0074072d ago


this gen will have greater graphics

just look at killzone 2

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