HTC: Oculus Exclusives Are 'Hampering Developers'

HTC has stated that Oculus Rift exclusive games are "hampering developers" by not allowing them to scale their games to the size of the VR market.

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freshslicepizza1556d ago

i do tend to agree but dont blame them since they are funding them. it happens all the time on consoles. it's too bad the industry cares more about profits than trying to push gaming to a wider audience.

Neonridr1556d ago

any time HTC wants to step up and fund development to the tune of what Oculus is contributing then they can say what they want. But at least Oculus is ensuring that great games are helping to flood the market. If VR wants to be successful it needs content.

TankCrossing1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Now that Oculus are seemingly quite open to letting owners of other hardware access the software I don't see a big problem.

Have you played much Robo Recall? It's great fun, with any luck it'll get a good modding community and be a top game for ages.

Neonridr1556d ago

I have yet to try it out. Sadly I have been a little busy with work lately so I haven't had a chance. I played the Bullet Train demo and loved it, so I am really looking forward to giving Robo Recall a go. Sometime this week I will carve out some time :)

ApocalypseShadow1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Then, HTC/Valve need to step up their game and make some games. They made the awesome headset. They need to put some content on there and not expect Oculus/Facebook to do it for them.

They are only porting their game to PSVR to make more profits off of PSVR owners. Sony's fine with it as Vive isn't a competitor in the console space. But HTC isn't doing it to help Sony or out of the kindness of their hearts.

I understand that VR needs to grow as a whole. But you can clearly see that they saw Sony has more users and they want to make money like Owlchemy Lab with Job Simulator did across headsets.

Maxor1554d ago

Utterly bullshit. This is nothing more than one DMR saying the other DMR is bad.

ILostMyMind1554d ago

We'll have fanboys fighting for VR devices brand. This war will never end even if all games are on the same platform.

Next will be XBox Store vs Steam.

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