New Monster Madness Screenshots and Concept Art

Developed by Artificial Studios, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, is an innovative top-down third-person shooter that mixes a compelling single-player experience for up to 4 players per system & online for up to 16-player competitive combat as you try to survive the Monster's invasion.

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nice_cuppa5224d ago

i wish the camera was like jade empire.
i.e high behind character 3rd person but close enough to see detail.
all the vids i have seen the camera is too far away.

it might have changed or have the option in game but if not i wont get it.
i want it but the camera i have seen is too poor and having played games like it before i know how frustrating it is an wont go through it again.

candystop5224d ago

I like it and think that this game will be alot better than what people thinking! It's a little different but it looks fun and has co-op play which should last for hours and be fun!

THAMMER15224d ago

It was called Zomies ate my neibors. It was not that bad.

nice_cuppa5224d ago

i have it in my snes 2 feet from me.
(street fighter 2 turbo in my megadrive)

nice_cuppa5224d ago

this game has no relationship other than being a rip off.

Alymon5224d ago

How are you going to call it a ripoff? There's many new ideas and gameplay mechanics to this.

That's like calling Forza a rip-off of GT.... or Quake a rip-off of Doom....

Sure they are the same genre, maybe feature similar camera angles, or similar themes, but there are fundamental design differences and innovative ideas that distinguish the two.

Rip-off is such a derogatory term and it definitely does not apply to this.

nice_cuppa5224d ago

teen fight monster attacking neibourhood using everyday items as weapons, take potions to become monsters, fun cartoon style, co-op play and sci-fi themes thrown in to.

which game am i talking about.

oh and listen to this
and tell me its not ripped off.

click detailed and see the description.
watch the vids.

now do you se its a rip of.

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Havince5222d ago

I remembered zombie ate my neighbours it was ace.

I cant watch the vids guys so could someone explain what kinda game its like. is it like a gauntlet game ?????