Tales of Vesperia reviewed at recieves 9/10

Good gameplay great graphics.

Taken from review:

"Tales of Vesperia is definitely a sight to behold. In this generation where you see color palettes that don't stray too far from black, gray and brown it's nice to see a game that brings vivid colors. Since Folklore came out I haven't seen a game this vivid or beautiful. What really helps the visual component is the anime like cel-shaded graphics. Here is a world where one of the main characters has pink hair and almost everybody's wardrobe borders on absurd. I must admit if I didn't have a rather robust anime collection I might be turned off by the visuals so if you require more of a realistic look to the art design than you might not want Tales of Vesperia, but it does offer a rather nice break from war torn hell holes."

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FCOLitsjustagame5373d ago

I don't really like anime but had no trouble with the visuals or the character designes (I rather got to like all the characters). Well, except for the art design of the cutscenes which were pure and true anime. To me they didn't really fit in with the game graphics and kind of annoyed me a bit. So even though I loved the game and the characters I probably wouldn't watch an anime cartoon about them.