Crackdown Goes Gold

Microsoft Game Studios and Realtime Worlds announced today that Crackdown has gone gold. Realtime Worlds' key staff has a tremendous history of creating some of the world's most innovative and best-selling video games. The development team was hand-picked by David Jones, founder of DMA Design Ltd. and the designer and creator of more than 15 hit titles including Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. Below is the press release with the announcement:

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nice_cuppa5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

only kidding i want this game any way.

i wish bungie just put the beta on marketplace though.

its so backwards the way they have done it.
im in uk and i cant find anywere i can register.
i can play halo 2 at sertain time and be in lucky i cant northamerica only.
i can get it with crackdown....maybe.
i can win a unlucky.

so silly.

put it on marketplace and stop messing about.
you could even charge for it.

THAMMER15224d ago

But it will be fun to smash stuff into people. And Muti player seems awesome.

Alymon5224d ago

Demos don't go gold.

The demo is ready to go, pending MS certification. There's been multiple news stories on it, saying anything from VERY VERY SOON, to Several Days, to Before the End of the Month.

Grown Folks Talk5224d ago

a joke in relation to the demo delay, which is set for the 23rd now.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5224d ago

the games gold so why is it not releasing sooner rather then later?( February 20th )

CAPS LOCK5222d ago

is this game so overhyped? ok, i understand halo 3 , gears of war, lost planet and halo, but wtf? this game is so overrated, its not an AAA title its not even a C title, why do people like this game? i have seen the previews and some videos, the game just looks like a cross between city of heroes and gta liberty city stories and i mean that in a bad way.