Gears of War Sells More Than 3 Million Units Worldwide

Microsoft and Epic announced today that Gears of War has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. The new Map Pack #1 has been downloaded more than 750,000 times. Below is the press release with the announcement:

"Gears of War" Juggernaut Continues With More Than 3 Million Units Sold

Top-selling game of December sees more than 750,000 downloads of its exciting new multiplayer maps.

"Gears of War®" has gone triple platinum, reaching the 3 million-units-sold milestone in just 10 weeks on store shelves, ending 2006 as the top-selling game among all platforms during December.

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nice_cuppa5223d ago

the map pack is in more consoles than rfom.

this is scary.

gow + lost planet + dead rising = more sales than all ps3 games.

im a sony fan for the last 2 generations but from what i can find out when it comes out in march i will be getting it with rfom + motorstorm and that it for the next 7 months..

which means i wont be getting one for 7 months.

TheMART5222d ago

And the funniest thing is, the PS3 only has SHIPPED 5 million games.

The attach rate was 1.5 game per unit @ launch. And as we know from the past, those numbers don't rise so quickly that 1 million users now buy 5 games suddenly.

The 360 attach rate rose from 4.5 games per unit attach rate @ launch to 5.3 games at this point in time. That lasted a year.

We can wisely say the PS3 has an attach rate of 2, in the best case 2.5 per unit.

That means 2 to 2.5 million games max sold. 50% of the shipped games are laying in the shops

Gears sold 3 million copies, now that's an achievement... DAMN!

Marriot VP5223d ago

3/10 million, impressive

coxyefc5223d ago

not surprised, gears of war is brilliance.

Maldread5223d ago

in response to the total PS3 game numbers Sony showed the other day. From my viewpoint it would be nice to return more to games and more previews of upcoming games to be honest, but cool to see a excelent game get the attention it deserves.

mishmosh5223d ago

GOW is a great game but why-o-why couldn't they just include solo deathmatch? Why couldn't they do the party system or a lobby where you can change the settings?

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