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Horizon: Zero Dawn Sets A New Standard For Representation In Games

We’ve only seen about ten weeks of 2017, and yet Horizon: Zero Dawn has sealed itself as one of the year’s biggest games. Guerilla’s massive open world sci-fi hunting adventure is topping the sales charts, blowing up with critics, and turning heads across the gaming space. Yet by classic gaming standards, it never should've been a hit.

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Community2207d ago
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chrisx2207d ago

Aloy is a total Badass

PixelGateUk2207d ago

Representing the ginger fam

medman2207d ago Show
MVGeneral2207d ago

Yeah, shes always calm her voice and shes witty, and sarcastic. Makes these comments to herself. Gives the character life, shes like the female Drake.

TWB2207d ago

This is probably not a popular opinion, but I feel that her past doesnt really reflect well in her current character. (not really spoilers) Pretty much all interaction she had as a kid was with her foster father, so I would expect that aspect to show up in her dialog, but she's socially butter smooth. Havent played through the game yet, so I dont know if this somehow plays a part in the story/character later on.

Tbh, more social awkwardness would have been pretty endearing.

Vizigoth042207d ago

I agree totally 100%. I've always felt proud playing a female character. As long as she actually possessed character. Not just a character model. But I also enjoy playing as Nathan Drake because again there is actual character in the person. I just like to enjoy great games though. I dislike though how some random critic chants Horizon Zero Dawn as some successful feminist agenda. An agenda that subconsciously promotes segregation. -Proud husband and father of two girls and a boy. Gamer for life.

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earlygreenway2207d ago

I have to finish Zelda before I can dig into this game. But i'm very excited to.

joab7772207d ago

Do not make the mistake I did and try to play both. It won't work.

GrubsterBeater2207d ago

I made the mistake of trying to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, Zelda, and Nier: Automata at the same time....

I am such a fool...


That's the same thing I was doing. Trying to play both. BIG MISTAKE. I'm playing though Zelda then going back to Horizon.

GrubsterBeater2204d ago


My strategy is playing Nier or Horizon in the morning before work, and then when I get home, I play Zelda in bed while my girl watches Netflix. It's a good strategy so far. Lol

thorstein2207d ago

but....according to many articles you're not allowed (or is it supposed) to play both games! EEEEK!

Definitely a blast. I am as immersed as I was when playing Skyrim.

joab7772207d ago

No kidding! This game is absurdly good!

MVGeneral2207d ago

Yeah the story and world draws you in. The game play makes you stay.

Nodoze2207d ago

The level of detail on offer here is simply astounding. I am about 30 hours in and am STILL finding stuff that amazes me. Absolutely the best game I have played in a long long time.

joab7772207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Yes! I'll admit at first I was awestruck by its 4k glory, but it didn't grab me. But as I have been playing I've been getting more and more immersed and now I am hooked. I started playing Zelda too and I think that kinda ruined it at first because of the nostalgia, but as I kept playing, I only wanted to play Horizon because of the combat and story. I'll go back to Zelda, but the combat and strange difficulty really stand out when playing Horizon. I'll probably just finish on mobile because Zelda is the GREATEST mobile game ever made!!!!

It's kinda like lock on was a great evolution but Horizon takes it a step further for me because it's so damn fluid. I love that it isn't lock on!

_-EDMIX-_2207d ago

As of right now this is one of the best new intellectual properties I've played since God of War in 2005.

Don't get me wrong there's lots of new intellectual properties which I've played over the years which I've adored and really cared for but this is the first new intellectual property I played and such a long time that was almost difficult to describe all the areas in which they've done a good job.

I remember back in 2005 when we were all trying to categorize what and where God of War was I remember reading magazines describing it similar to Prince of Persia but also like an RPG but also like Devil May Cry lol

I'm getting that vibe from Horizon zero Dawn or people want to put it in the category of Assassin's Creed Witcher Far Cry and what that tells me is the game is doing so many things correct that it's difficult to people to come to a consensus on kind of where it fits.

Maybe that's sort of a good thing because when that happened with God of War I think many people realized that it's on comparable that God of War is its own thing and so is Horizon zero Dawn.

Many people will have lots of comparisons to what they think Horizon zero Dawn is like a similar to God of War when it first released, but my only recommendation to people who haven't purchased it is pick it up and play it for yourself.

The pacing and the structure and the design of the world is just simply amazing.

All the areas have their own tribes , have their own settings , and own creature types to justify the existence of those areas.

The cities in between these large areas help the pacing that you never really feel too far away from a safe town.

They've designed the world in a way that even though it is very large I don't really feel that it is overbearing. I feel that easily over time I could understand the geographical area in the way they set up the waypoints allows me to view the area the way somebody would if they were naturally going through there as opposed to glued on a map.

They've done so many things great with this game that I believe this series is already among the top tier of RPGs and just an extremely short amount of time

The fact that it's in the conversation of The Witcher and Zelda mean quite a lot.

How many new intellectual properties have really released where they were so good that they were being compared to the absolute Kings of the genre?

SardoNumspa2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

"Yet by classic gaming standards, it never should've been a hit."

It is sickening to see the SJWs that infest the gaming media trying to hijack this game.

They are actually trying to pretend that a female lead character is some sort of 'victory' for themselves.

MrDead2207d ago

I find the anti SJW, anti feminism and anti LGBT just as bad as the the people they moan about, you're both as annoying as each other.

2207d ago
UCForce2207d ago

Which I why I don't fight with SJW or neither Anti SJW. They are both worthless to me anyway.

mkis0072207d ago

Love these responses. I detest both sides as well. Just play the games people!

joab7772207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Everyone is annoying because we are bored and need something to make us important!

As I always bring up in college classes when we get on these moral rants, "when the rubber meets the road and it is not about you anymore, how much are you really willing to sacrifice for your cause?" If you can answer this, then you will know your true motives. Nothing is cut and dry.

Salooh2207d ago

For me i don't like to avoid completely, i can discuss why i would be against or with, only discussion with reasons ,so if they are not following my path than they have the right to follow their own path. I only have the right of opinion to such people unless their path is harming me directly otherwise it's their choices.

Sunny_D2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Couldn't have said it better. I mean if you click on this article knowing full well it may be "pro-sjw" then that's your problem.

Eonjay2206d ago

They are the same thing as everyone already figured out. Its about mind control.

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Goldby2207d ago

its sad when people label anything outside the ordinary, a female lead, a gay character, or a LGBT sub plot as SJW. maybe its a thing called representing the gamers who actually play the games, representing issues people face on a day to day basis,

The 10th Rider2207d ago

I didn't take his comment to mean having a female character is sjw, but the implication (in the article) that in the past a female character wouldn't be successful is.

"Yet by classic gaming standards, it never should've been a hit."

Classic gaming includes iconic figured such as Samus aran and Lara Croft.

Kreisen2207d ago

What articles like this do is push propaganda for clicks. Pretending females, gays etc are more valuable and more important then others.

" It’s a society wiped clean of current cultural norms and expectations, forming something uniquely feminist."
The artifcle is riddled with this kinda crap. Twisting a good story into some female empowerment bullshit.

Mr Lahey2207d ago

"female empowerment bullshit"

What's wrong with empowering women? Is it a threat to you? Sure seems like it.

MRMagoo1232207d ago


The game isn't about empowering females ,it's just a game with a female lead. Is every game with man in empowering men ? I think the problem some are having is people trying to turn the fact Aloy is a she into some stance for feminists, which it isn't, it's just another game character like the rest.

Mr Lahey2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

I didn't imply that HZD is about empowering females. I just questioned the negative aspect of empowering females in general. Personally i feel that a game like HZD, with a strong badass female lead character is refreshing. It has been done before but it's not that common. But some people sure sees it as something negative.

Aloy is what she is, a strong female character. Feminists like it, misogynists hate it.

Mr Lahey2207d ago

lol at my disagrees!
The gaming community really like their women weak. Otherwise scary feminist stuff might happen..

_-EDMIX-_2207d ago

Agreed I believe there are lots of writers and artists and game directors that want to have specific characters to represent a certain demographic so they could tell an Express a story and it's almost as if gamers are not understanding that an artist created this, they want to express themselves and they want to change gaming landscape in a lot of people always have this idea that it's done for some specific political reason, how do you know it's not simply being done because of an artistic reason?

So who in gaming is being helped when they're stifling artist creation? Do you guys want to play with the artist created or with the Marketing Executives wants you to see?

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UCForce2207d ago

You Anti SJW and Pro SJW are both waste of my time.

Kallisti2207d ago

Is that their reasoning? Lara Croft's been a hit since her debut in 1996

Imalwaysright2207d ago

The Boss (my favorite video game character of all time), Ellie, female characters in Persona games... There are great representations of female characters in video games.

_-EDMIX-_2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Yes and you're really only bringing up one character it actually doesn't mean that others shouldn't exist.

There's still room for the medium to grow gaming is still in this almost comical archaic phase right now where we've yet to have lots of demographics represent gaming mainstream like you seen in movies or television and I believe that kind of needs to change in order for the medium to be taken seriously.

I feel like we're almost stuck in the 1940s or 1950s and these movies are being controlled my marketing exacts scared to push a different concept.

if somebody has an idea for a disabled character that could be in a wheelchair I want to see it

If they have an idea for a homosexual character I want to see it

if they have an idea for a character that is an immigrant I want to see it

if they have a key idea for a character that is gay or lesbian I want to see it

I want to see any demographic and any idea that these artists want to push out what is actually the point of playing a game where the artist are essentially scared to express their ideas that they have for these characters?

I don't want to see what these stupid Marketing Executives want to push so they could get their mainstream sales I want to see what the artist has intended for their work this is why we're playing games.

@ima- agreed and more to come.

I just feel that list is far too short and I like the direction that gaming is going now where designers and especially Publishers do not feel threatened that their game will perform poorly simply because of the demographic of the character , they need to understand that for most the game has to be good because we have Publishers that are looking to make their games as cookie cutter and stereotypical as possible if they believe it's going to get them better sales and I believe this practice should be absolutely shuned in gaming.

joab7772207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

It's a victory because she wasn't shoehorned in. She is just an amazing character that fits the world and story. Believe it or not some guys love playing as a gorgeous red head for 50+ hrs lol! Don't say that too loud though!

_-EDMIX-_2207d ago

Well to some degree it is still a victory for that demographic to have a female character praise like this to show that it very much indeed can be done that a female character doesn't need to play second fiddle.

Please don't confuse the people that are always looking for trouble with the people that really are trying to see the demographic expressed more in there medium.

Whether you support them or not this is still a victory for lots of people and I believe this is a very positive thing in gaming to have a character like this

On the contrary it proves that the entire industry is not simply just chauvinistic men.

Consider I'm a male gamer and I absolutely love this character and I love that the demographic is different I'm sorry but I'm tired of playing the same boring character thrown up over and over again I like that she has a mind , I like that she's actually expressing views of her gender throughout the game simply because it would be stupid to absolutely ignore this.

I absolutely loved that in The Last of Us that Ellie's character was who she was.

This is something that the gaming medium needs badly because you don't go and watch a movie and all of these things are ignored smh.

We need to allow gaming to grow up and these are amazing steps regardless of whether you agree with some of the extremist.

I mean none of us need to agree with some of the extremists that are always bringing up certain issues that I feel many times are not even real issues, but please don't ignore that we might have some common ground even if some of those people are extremists I don't believe in this situation they're wrong that this is a victory for the demographic and for all of gaming in general.

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