Screw the Hype Reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The cold dark metal interior, the glistening black helmet under the florescent lights, surrounded by the dark void of space, oh, I (Rich) am as giddy like a school girl who has just been asked out, by the good looking asshole quarter back. The relationship won't last long; he will pressure her in to bed, and then kick her to the curb, regardless if she gives it up or not. Just as quickly as that relationship ended, so does The Force Unleashed clocking in at 10 hours. Let's do some math, 10 hours / $60.00 = $6.00 an hour, wow $0.55 below minimum wage. So is it worth the $6.00 an hour?

"Stay on target, stay on target, BOOM!" (Gold Leader – Star Wars) It seems Luke probably had better targeting controls, firing a proton torpedo into a small thermal exhaust port approximately 2 meters wide, then the controls in this game....

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