Windows 7 to Include Automatic Game Update Check

Shacknews writes: "A new screenshot from a recent build of the next Windows shows that developer Microsoft is planning to incorporate more robust PC gaming functionality into its operating software.

According to an image, the games startup menu in the current build of Windows 7 includes an option to automatically alert users to updates for PC games. An option box to allow Windows to auto-download "information and news about games and game providers" is also shown."

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Fishy Fingers4067d ago

Dont the majority of games alert you of updates as and when needed? I've got games on my rig I hardly ever play, I don't want another annoying Windows box popping up everytime each game gets an update.

Vista's seamlessly never ending alerts are already far to intrusive.

I guess this could be useful to those who dont follow the industry much, but to someone like me there's little need for this, I usually know of an up and coming update before it's released (thanks internet).

thereapersson4067d ago

But to be fair, i'm sure you could turn it off, like you can turn off the User Access Controls in Vista.

Charmers4067d ago

So it begins, lots of pointless fluff added to an operating system to make it look like it is worth it's price tag. Think I will start making notes of these new "features" so I can turn them off if I get the OC.

Viper74067d ago

Ubuntu/linux has had similar update system for ages, it basicly notifies that there are ubdates available for your software and gives you chance to update all the software in your PC with a single click.

Good to see Windows finaly catching up, altho I fear on how annoyingly they may have implemented this, since all that we dont need is another pop-up asking that do you want to update your computer programs/games.

Gorgon4067d ago

UAU, now I have to buy Windows 7!

*end of sarcasm*

thor4067d ago

Windows 7 to include online you have to pay for? Features you have to pay for? I wonder what MS can charge us for next. I'm sure they're planning intimate live integration with their next OS. If I have to pay to play online on my PC after windows 7 they can F*** off.

DeadlyFire4067d ago

Don't worry I believe Microsoft has learned that lesson from Vista and the not so glorious launch of Games for Windows Live. It is free for PC users anyway. They know they can't charge for services when there is Steam and Xfire out there for Free and noone wants to pay for it. I am sure they are planning for Games for Windows Live to be integrated, but its free for PC users to use Silver service and play online anytime anyway.

I wish Microsoft would learn something..

Llionv4067d ago

That Mico$oft will be charging 5 pence per mouse click!