What 343 Industries' 'Halo' Franchise Can Learn From Marvel's Logan

Logan’s focus on the human side of Wolverine is a lesson that the developers of Halo must take to heart. We explain why Halo needs this.

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ravinash678d ago

I think any developer can take a lesson out of a good story.

Sciurus_vulgaris678d ago

I think the point being made, is that Halo 6, should be a character pieace focusing on Master Chief.

morganfell678d ago

I think they are trying to tell people to let go of the Master Chief and embrace their wonderful creation Locke and the new Spartans...

Sciurus_vulgaris678d ago


I don't think so. The backlash over Halo 5's story, led to lead writier of the title (Brian Reed), exiting 343i. Also, 343i hasn't been actively promoting Locke (and/or Fireteam Osiris), in supporting external media. Additionally 343i is seeking a new narrative director. This makes me think Halo 6, will have a story more comparable to Halo 4 than 5. Halo 4 focused on character development , unlike 5, which was written by a bad comic book writer, and had a large unnecessary ensemble cast.

Vasto678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Halo's story is far above any other FPS ever made.

EmperorDalek678d ago

5 put that in jeopardy, though.

Vasto678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

How so when the only FPS with a better story than Halo 5 is another Halo?

Halo 4 to me had the best story of them all and everybody also said Halo 4 did not have a good story.

343 keep up the good work.

Ben Dover678d ago


If anything Bioshock takes that crown. By a long shot.

Vasto678d ago (Edited 678d ago )


You all reaching for something that you know does not equal up to Halo.

spicelicka676d ago

Bioshock story is standalone, different in each game. Individually Bioshock games have amazing stories but the franchise doesn't have a continuing narrative so you can't' say Bioshock takes that crown as a franchise.

You have to understand that the Halo universe is like Star wars. It spans over 10 books, 9 games (as of last month's HW2), multiple media like the mini-series (there's even an anime). It is vast and deep and full of amazing characters. What you see in the game is just a snippet, the actual backstory is one of the most intriguing stories I've read.

kaizokuspy678d ago

I'd say halflife if only we could get its 3rd installment

sinspirit678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

TimeSplitters, Doom, Half-Life, BioShock, Metro, Metroid Prime, Deus Ex, and STALKER are just a few FPS games that have better story than Halo.

Halo 1-3 had good story. Reach was decent. After that it became very inconsistent, MC was treated like a novice by his superiors, they pulled the ridiculous AI freaking out scenario, which you'd think would be solved from hundreds of years into the future, they drastically redesigned Cortana to look more like Megan Fox, MC never had thrusters on his back, ever. They could have simply added something else to make sense with previous plotlines rather than redesign his suit without explanation, or apply that upgrade later on. They pulled the "bigger than ever before!" Michael Bay-esque plot with a bigger alien ship, they even made the Pillar of Autumn much bigger than it originally was, and then they created tons of new Spartan's out of thin air in a few years time, yes I know they aren't like the old Spartan's, but how the heck could they sky dive with no parachutes, land on a slipper snow covered mountain, and prance around like ballerina dancing ants with zero tactics for being "elite" soldiers in the debut trailer of Halo 5? The stories aren't good in 4 or 5. They are inconsistent and sloppily written to force dramatical moments and make up underlying stories. They aren't even written by original writers. They are written by third parties that don't really know Halo all that much and didn't work with the originals.

andrewsquall678d ago

Don't forget the awesome recent Wolfenstein games.

spicelicka676d ago

You're thinking standalone games. None of those franchises are as deep as Halo. The Halo games only represent a tiny percentage of the actual story. Maybe you're referring to the campaign instead of the actual "story".

I will admit though, that Halo 5 treated the story poorly.

sinspirit676d ago


How are they not as deep as Halo? The games should be deep and impactful on their own. Outside sources are great for dedicated fans, but if they are not in the game then it loses a significant part of the fanbases attention. Notice how the topic at hand was story for a "FPS". We don't classify books as First Person *Shooters*. The game is what we have at hand. Not extra material sold and provided on the side. Not to mention, those books are primarily written by third party authors that create generic sci-fi novels. Halo wasn't part of their ideas before they received a contract. This is why 4 betrays many themes in previous games, the importance of model characters, and why it throws in illogical assets that make no sense in the timeline only a short few years after Halo 3. This is why emotional USN officers yelling at a Master Chief, the most experienced on the subject matter, took place, with AI freaking out after hundreds of years of science was what they resorted to for "imagination", and why they felt the need to increase the size of the Pillar of Autumn, throw boosters on MC's suit, throw a mysterious and random alien ship, "Bigger than ever before!" in the middle of nowhere to wake MC up, and create a few hundred new Spartan's out of thin air within a few years, without any previous material hinting at any of it before. It's incoherent, unfaithful, and has only damaged the reputation in desperation to carry on the franchise with generic, forced, dramatical, and rinse + repeat storylines. This is why 5 was hated even more. Because, those that helped 4 become a success were too lenient just because they wanted a Halo game, even if it wasn't done right. If you let them deconstruct its values then of course it's not going to get better just because you gave them a budget and thumbs up for the next one with your purchase.

Of course, a game is judged based on the game, the primary product. I read up on Destiny, but I'm not going to pretend that the story portrayed in the game is more than what it is because I took the extra effort to do so. The game should be, will, and does get judged based on what it provides in its own format.

andrewsquall678d ago the good old days before 2012 when it took a nosedive all round..

EmperorDalek678d ago

Oh I agree that 4 had a fantastic story. I think 343 could make the best Halo game yet, if they combine the campaign from 4, and the multiplayer from 5. But 5's story was rather awful.

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dannybohy678d ago

Logan is fucking boring, end of.

yeahright2678d ago

Did you get bored typing your own comment? you seem to be missing a word or two there.

gangsta_red678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Logan is one of, if not, the best super hero movie out right now.

gangsta_red678d ago

If 343i could somehow craft a story as emotional and satisfying as Fox did with Logan then that would be exceptional.

It's actually a shame that Logan is the last Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie especially having two previous mediocre ones before it.

Yohshida678d ago

Halo 6 will blow minds. With Halo 4 they focused on SP and fcked the MP. With Halo 5 they perfected online multiplayer but missed the SP. Halo 6 will build on an already perfect Multiplayer which gives them more time with SP. God I can't freaking wait for that game. Beta incoming Holiday 2017, included with Crackdown 3 - MARK IT DOWN!

Goldby678d ago

included in the Crack down 3 game or MP beta?

Yohshida678d ago

With the Main game, just like crackdown 1 and Halo 3

Lime123678d ago

I hope Halo 6 will be as good as Halo 5 - the worst rated and the worst selling mainline halo game ever.

Yohshida678d ago

Sadly 95% of the Reviews only had a sp only or sp heavy Review. Dont believe me? Look at the Reviews. This is happening to a mp focused game. I think 10 Million + Players strongly disagree with you. Play it and.have some fun, you will see why.

andrewsquall678d ago

So a studio continues to disappoint you but now all of a sudden (with STILL nothing to show for it) its "JUST YOU WAIT", lol. I don't even. They even helped out with Halo Wars 2 and does that really speak volumes for that game in even the slightest??? Nope.

The Halo 6 Beta will be included with the Halo 3 Anniversary Edition that should be due this year, another remaster release 343i will no doubt botch.

Yohshida678d ago

Coming from a guy that didnt play the games, so trustworthy

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