Windows LIVE revitalised with GTA IV

iTWire writes: "Two years after launch, Microsoft finally give us some excitement with the cross platform gaming dream. Grand Theft Auto IV will have console players carjacking the rides of PC owners. Microsoft are promising a renewed push for the LIVE service.

Now two years old, the Games for Windows LIVE brand has been a somewhat hit and miss affair. Only a smattering of titles has provided the ability for Xbox 360 and PC owners to share a gaming experience. Microsoft have taken a deep breath and plan to revitalise the idea with some of the biggest releases due over the next few months.

And what bigger name than RockStar Game's Grand Theft Auto IV? Featuring DirectX 10 graphics and LIVE features such as a out-of-game client and marketplace GTA IV."

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rroded4075d ago

dont get me wrong love the online but its pretty far from 'mainstream'

has for pimping live to hardcore pc gamers gl... still a move in the right direction lets hope we see more games go cross.

FantasyStar4075d ago thanks. I'll pass on GTAIV PC.

Proxy4074d ago

If so, it wont fly. PC gamers (so were told) rarely pay for the games they play. Do you think they pay EXTRA to play a game they bought legally online? Not a chance.

Vazz4074d ago

It's totally free now, so I don't understand why anyone would hate it now.

BludoTheSmelly4075d ago

Good to see the cross platform, its a natural fit to me. I'm glad that fallout 3 and others have achievements so I don't to get the console versions and save 10 bucks.

Vazz4075d ago

This is a step in the right direction. I don't understand why more games don't have cross platform multiplayer.