RPG Vault: Free to Play Spotlight: Silkroad Online

RPG Vault writes: "Silkroad Online is a classic fantasy MMORPG set during the time of the Silk Road trade route between Asia and Europe. Keep in mind that playing it won't be history 101 since the quests and game lore involve you in a mystical world full of action and adventure. The most prominent part of the game is the triangular conflict. This is where players take the roles of merchants, hunters and thieves to continue the trade runs of a time long ago. Also in store for players are uniques, boss-like monsters are scattered all over the gameworld, and providing exceptional challenges."

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Gamefan124501d ago

I thought it was horrible. the grind was absolutely nuts. Example ... kill 100 of a certain mob .. or better yet collect 50 of xxx off a mob were the drop rate is somewhere like 1 out of 3, meaning you have to kill 150 mobs to get the 50 items.

thehitman4501d ago

yea its a really really good MMO I had top stop playing because servers were full 24/7 due to botters though. Takes like 30 minutes to get in game.

INehalemEXI4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

Thats pretty typical for an MMO. Most have those kinds of quests. EQ Hell levels where what I would call a grind.