PlayStation 3 has worst week of sales since launch

The PlayStation 3 recorded its worst week of sales last week since its launch in Japan, according to figures published Friday.

The data, from Media Create Co., put PlayStation 3 sales at 25,531 units for the week ending Jan. 14. Overall the entire market for newly launched consoles was poor, with total sales of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 hitting an estimated 128,274 units. That's the lowest week in sales since Nintendo Co.'s Wii launched in Japan on Dec. 2 and made the market a three-console race.

Wii sales for the week were estimated at 93,708 units, the second-worst week of sales since the 85,439 units sold during the week immediately after the Wii's launch.

Sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 totaled 9,035 units, according to the data. The year-old console got a boost in early December when the "Blue Dragon" title was launched and offered as a bundle with the machine, but weekly sales are now dropping back to levels seen before that game was launched.

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TheMART5226d ago

First off, bummer for the PS3 selling 1/5 of the 360 sales in a week world wide

Second this:

"The highest ranking PlayStation 3 game was "Resistance: Fall of Man" at No. 40. No Xbox 360 games appeared in the top 50."

Is impossible with the sales that Gears of War and Lost Planet have alone.

Gears alone sold 3 million since november 2006. Lost Planet sold 1 million since 12 January.

And then there are all the other games. Totally impossible. Especially with the attach rate of 5.3 games per unit sold and even over 100k consoles sold in a week it'll be selling more even then any other piece of software.

But this is certainly on the hardware side proof that the 360 is selling strong, the Wii is doing fine in 2nd place and the PS3 lacks sales being 3rd far, far behind

Brian3605226d ago

this is just the Japanese charts not worldwide sales figures

Raist5226d ago

Take your time to read the articles man, don't rush because you see a 25k next to PS3 and 130k next to the 360.


TheMART5226d ago

It was because of this line that I misinterpreted it as world wide:

Xbox 360 hitting an estimated 128,274 units

Did cut that out wrong indeed. Although the article could have been written a bit cleaner also if you'd ask me.

Still Wii takes the lead by an huge leap on the PS3, insane...

MicroGamer5226d ago

It doesn't say 360 sold 128k, it says the total sales of PS3, Wii and 360 COMBINED were 128k

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Balance5226d ago

and gears launches in japan today i believe, or yesterday

iballa5226d ago

Western made action shooter games rarely get a look in japan. Look at Zelda, Dragon Quest even Nintendogs. They don't like the violent games like us!

power of Green 5226d ago

They like some violent games they just have to have some depth to them in story and gameplay with a smidge of Japanese flavor(extream over the top SCI-Fi or fantasy elements with a little sex).

iballa5226d ago

gimme an couple of examples

JasonPC360PS3Wii5226d ago

"2.1 - Japan won't like Gears
iballa - 7 Hours ago | Let him/her speak
Western made action shooter games rarely get a look in japan. Look at Zelda, Dragon Quest even Nintendogs. They don't like the violent games like us!"

Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series, Genma Onimusha, and Dance Dance Revolution

I don’t think Nintendo is Japan as far as I can remember back to the Sega Master days they always had violent games. Nintendo is the only Japanese console company to take a non violent approach to gaming and even they let violent ones slip by.

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Antan5226d ago

It looks like you have misread this article, or you are for some reason speaking about worldwide figures? This article is only talking about the Japanese market which the figure of 128,274 is for PS3,360 and Wii combined. Broken down into the following.

PS3 25,531
Wii 93,708
360 9,035

bung tickler5226d ago (Edited 5226d ago )

viva pinata i belive is the #1 360 game in japan even passed up blue dragon. but they simply dont have the # of systems there to push games to the top 50 list

Anerythristic265226d ago

on the reading comprehension. I read it twice and figured out these are Japenese only sales figures. I'll give 20/1 odds that a Sony fan will just blurt out that these are worldwide.

90 000 Wii's
25 000 PS3 - I guess we know , even this early , who takes Japan.