The Nintendo Play Station is the Coolest Console Never Released

Did you know that Nintendo created its biggest rival back in the early '90s?

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Travis3708588d ago

I'm so glad things happened the way they did or we wouldn't have the features we have today or None of the great games that we've played over the years wouldn't exist.

Kaneki-Ken588d ago

Nintendo betray Sony. Creating their worst nightmare, PlayStation.

TheVetOfGaming587d ago

I doubt we would have gotten as many classic games, and especially the more mature games with blood and gore etc.

DarkHeroZX587d ago

It was kinda a 50/50 bad business deal. Sony actually wanted all the revenue from this console including a portion of what Nintendo made on their games. Nintendo didn't realize what they signed up for and backed out.

RAM0N 588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

I'm glad nintendo betrayed Sony

PhoenixUp588d ago

Funny how history has an ironic sense of repeating itself.

In 1983 then current market leader Atari was supposed to sign a deal with newcomer Nintendo to help bring the Famicom to North America, but when they found Donkey Kong running on the Coleco vision and felt Nintendo broke the deal. Nintendo then decided to do their own thing and made the NES and it was massively successful enough to establish the company as a major console manufacturer.

A decade later then current market leader Nintendo then chose not to help newcomer Sony make an SNES CD-Rom add-on system. Sony decided to start their own thing and made the PlayStation and it was massively successful enough to establish the company as a major console manufacturer.

What goes around comes around. On the bright side at least these string of betrayals ultimately benefited the industry as a whole in the end.

Thatguy-310588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Well they did make it but pulled the plug at the last minute. Nintendo really did Sony wrong in that situation.

rainslacker586d ago

I think Nintendo made the right decision though. Sony's stipulations were pretty bad for Nintendo, because Sony wanted IP rights of CD produced games, as well as a fairly high percentage of the licensing fees.

Nintendo didn't handle the fall out very well though, so they are often attributed as being the one's that wronged Sony, when in fact it's just a business decision. Sony wasn't really wrong in this situation either, but most people don't know the reason why Nintendo pulled the plug.

Going with a competitor, and actually having an early working prototype means that Nintendo had this planned for a while. While they were doing a back room deal with Panasonic, Sony was already in the early stages of marketing the new device. Was quite the drama back in the day.

Anyhow, I don't know if I agree with this articles assertion. It was just a CD attachment with added processing power. Sega CD did the same thing really. Probably would have been cool for it's time though.

PhoenixUp588d ago

They made a prototype model at least, but I was referring to them making an official commercial model of the device

_-EDMIX-_587d ago

Lol that is very very funny and fascinating

Thatguy-310588d ago

Only Nintendo can screw up so badly lol. Thanks for that screw up.

PhoenixUp588d ago

You gotta see both sides though. In complete honesty neither company is blameless in the events that had occurred.

Under their agreement, Sony would develop and retain control over the SNES-CD disc format, with Nintendo thus effectively ceding a large amount of control of software licensing & a very significant portion of the profits from all sales to Sony.

Nintendo's then president Hiroshi Yamauchi found this buried clause to be a huge insult to his company. Was Nintendo supposed to just sit back and let that clause happen?

Thatguy-310587d ago

Of course not but why create a partnership to begin with to just stab them in the back like that in the last minute.

PhoenixUp587d ago

They became aware of the clause after the partnership was made

2-bit_hustler586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

Was Nintendo supposed to just sit back and let that clause happen?

No, it was supposed to notify Sony of its intentions to terminate the agreement and pursue legal action well in advance of Sony's announcement at CES.

PhoenixUp586d ago

I guess Nintendo wanted to insult Sony in retaliation for the same way they felt the clause insulted them. Obviously things didn't pan out and doing so only bit them back in the end.

Either way even if the SNES CD did come to pass, I don't see how it would've been that much more successful than Turbografix CD or Sega CD in the end. Ultimately the betrayal benefited gaming.

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