GameSpot: NHL 2K9 Wii Review

GameSpot writes: "Time travel just became possible, at least for hockey fans. Toss NHL 2K9 into any console system and you'll immediately feel transported back to 2006, which seems to have been the last year that any significant improvements were made to this hockey series. This so-so look at the Canadian national pastime actually turns away from realism to embrace a more old-time arcade-hockey feel with streamlined controls and single-minded AI. Although the Nintendo Wii version of the game mixes things up a bit with a natural control system that uses both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, this addition doesn't make the action on the ice feeling any more like real hockey. The game presents you with a good challenge, though it seems like what remains of the realistic NHL 2K games of the past is being slowly erased."

The Good

* Wii Nunchuk control does a great job of simulating real skating
* Challenging on the ice, if not particularly smart or realistic

The Bad

* Awkward passing and shooting with the Wii Remote
* AI problems and some cheap scoring
* Visuals are in need of a serious overhaul
* Play-by-play commentary is repetitive and the soundtrack spectacularly grating.

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