Yoko Taro on Why NieR: Automata Protagonist 2B Wears High Heels: "I Just Really Like Girls"

During a panel at PAX East, NieR: Automata Creative Director Yoko Taro was asked a few questions about the game, and he responded with his usual adorable and modest mannerism.

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naruga2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

simple and straightforward answer (that most probably embodies the majority of male opinions) .......no BS like west hypocrites

Abriael2631d ago

Not sure about "male" opinion, but I know for a fact that many developers right now are secretly clapping.

2631d ago
himdeel2630d ago

I can respect this response. People ask me why all the cake pictures on my facebooks, I'm like I just like cake, it's fucking delicious. I can't help it if you don't like cake...suger free bastards! Stay of my facebook lawn!

rainslacker2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

What's funny is that a lot of girls also like wearing high heels for whatever reason.

Wearing high heels doesn't oppress women, nor make them objects. neither does wearing any other kind of clothing really.

Once more developers get this through their head, they can create what they want and maybe the SJW crowd will just go ignored the way they should be until they can form cohesive, meaningful arguments like they used to before Sarkeesian and Alexander entered the fray, and maybe they can be forced to actually broach the issue of representation in a positive fashion, instead of looking at everything as an attack on their own personal worth since they seem to think that the only thing that is of value is their own gender.

SaiyanFury2631d ago

Absolutely! I love the fact that 2B wears high heels. I love girls too and wish more girls in games wore them! :D

cleft52631d ago

I love Yoko Taro. The guy is just straight up honest.

Enigma_20992630d ago

Oh man, how much better would the conversation over Quiet have gone if Kojima had done this.

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PhoenixUp2631d ago

And he shouldn't have to apologize for it

DashArrivals2631d ago

That is so refreshing to hear a public comment of how he really feels. Political Correctness has gone WAY TOO FAR in society. Bless this man for.... just being a normal man I guess lol.

2631d ago