Force Unleashed Sales Lead On Xbox 360

LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has stormed the UK, taking the number one spots in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP charts.

The Xbox 360 SKU accounted for 48 per cent of all sales, while 30 per cent of units sold were on the PlayStation 3 and 15 per cent on the Wii. The remaning sales were split between PS2, PSP and DS.

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Killjoy30004076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Not a surprise, as multi-plats always were the 360's expertise...

Too bad I can't say the same for exclusives...

HipHopGamerShowFan4076d ago

I bet in the rest of Europe the PS3 version led in sales.

fufotrufo4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

If sales is what you are talking about..Gears of War 2 sales are going to disagree with you ..veryy soon

Killjoy30004076d ago

Not only led in sales, but in the development to. It's clear that the PS3 version is the better of the two anyways, just like GTA 4.

sak5004076d ago

Yea i'm sure ps3 exclusives have all crossed 6 million sales just like Gears, Halo3 etc on 360.


Killjoy30004076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

When there are so many Xbox users and so little games, 2 exclusives will almost have to cross that mark, I suppose. There are just too many PS3 exclusives that can sell that many. Why? Because all PS3 gamers are gonna be broke!!! Don't worry though, because you'll have enough money set aside after buying Gears to get another year of Live so you can jump online with your product.

And BTW, I was talking about Microsoft's field of profession, not sales. I clearly stated their expertise was multi-plats and not exclusive games.

JokesOnYou4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I don't know I could be wrong but I *heard there is this little 360 *exclusive game that holds some quite impressive sales records. Hell depending on the week it can still be found within the top 25 on Amazon and other best selling game lists even 1 yr after release. Damm!, still can't remember the name of that game, but I think theres a soldier named Master Spartan, or Master Sergeant, or hmmm lets see... I think its Master Chief maybe...errr whatever but from what I hear it was a pretty successful exclusive for micro, and although other exclusive have not been able to match that amazing level of success I think compared to other consoles 360 exclusives have performed very well across the board.


edit: killjoy= And BTW, I was talking about Microsoft's field of profession, not sales. I clearly stated their expertise was multi-plats and not exclusive games.

the more you talk the more ridiculous it sounds: ...."Microsoft's field of profession, not sales" ha ha first of all that makes your first comment even weaker since this thread is about a multiplatform games *sales*, also micro's first and foremost a "software" company so I don't get your point about multiplats being their "field of profession"= NO, but if you are implying that the 360 design is better suited for game devs when dev time and money is a factor then yes the 360 this is a strength of the 360, thats a bonus NOT a negative factor, especially when multiplats make up the bulk of games on any console, then when you add the fact that micro has more of the highly rated exclusives it still seems to me that your comment is more fanboyism and not based on any revelant facts.


UltimateIdiot9114076d ago

Star Wars was on my list but with MM9, WipEout HD, LittleBigPlanet, SCIV (still didn't get a chance to get it), Valkyria Chronicles, possibly Mirror's Edge, possibly Socom and what ever good PSN download, I don't think I can afford to buy Star Wars. I'm sure a lot of other PS3 owners have a huge list of fall/winter game list to choose Star Wars.

solidjun54076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

because your obvious fanboyism never shines through.


I'm merely responding to your comment "your fanboyism is showing". Which is weird cause your shows all the freaking time. Also, everyone here buys games for both systems. It's not mutually exclusive to one system.

JokesOnYou4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I'm definitely glad I own a 360, I'm a big Halo fan= now that definitely makes me a 360 fanboy....wait, wait however I do own a ps3= I think that makes me a Gamer too, Wow! my Mommy was right Iam special, ha ha but then again I own every big 360 exclusive and I buy all the good multiplats on 360 just for the achievements, ha ha damm, I guess that makes me a huge 360 fanboy again, dammit. Now that I'm done sharing my sins, no matter what name you call me it still doesn't change the LOGIC of my post, if so please do explain or just continue to call me names if that what makes you feel better.


fufotrufo4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

well..this thread IS about sales..not development :S

anyway..enlighten me on how is GTA 4 is better on ps3?

Graphics wise?

don't think so

Online ?

Don't think so


Don't think so

how is that superior development?

Martini4076d ago

Killjoy this one is for you, write it down -

"It is often better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."


leila014076d ago

The 360 is getting even more RPGs (Japanese support) according to a news I read a little while ago.
It's selling very well across the globe. And now, I'm hearing (although it's nothing new...) that it sells more games than it's competitors!

This is great news for the 360 owners, developers will keep supporting the console til the 720 is out.

Glad to be a gamer4076d ago

Don't bother posting much anymore becasue of the complete bias and lack of any worthwhile disscussions on this site.

Seems like most o0f the like minded people like you and meus also don't bother to much anymore.

As for the rest of you (exc a few select cases) don't you ever get tired of this constant Battle of downplaying the 360 acheivments and praising anything Ps3 related??

Both consoles have good points and bad points and both are selling well hence most 3rd party games being multiplat and coming out on both consoles (unless MS pay for exc)

Im finally biting the bullet and getting a Ps3 in October for lbp and wipe out hd and ill be buying games for the 360/ps3 this christmas as they both have a great line up this christmas. : 0

I suggest those that have not got a 360 yet jump in this christmas as at the price of the arcade/pro theres alot of great gaming to be had past/present and future.

I bet that this christmas even witht he strong lineups of both consoles that the 360 wins the war comfortably as i betting alot of ps3 gamers will pick up a 360 at the current price (i know 2 that are) and the massive popultation of teenage gamers with limited funds will pick one up or get one for christmas.

£300 is a good price for a Ps3 considering the no of uses it has but if you have a computer(most people), no hd tv (most people) and want a new game console to play games on then it ends up beig more exspensive without any benefits.

AAACE54076d ago

Ahhh... Europe and Japan... a Ps3 fanboys crutch!

If sales for something aren't what you want to hear in america... depend on euro and japan to make it better! Sales for the Ps3 games are a work in progress... no need to defend it everytime they don't beat the competition!

Remember, there was a time when companies thought that 360 gamers were the only ones who bought games, but now you don't hear those comments anymore.

Get out there and buy more games and encourage other Ps3 owners to buy games! Exclusives are good, but you have to push any game released on the Ps3, multiplat or not.

Looking at the list on, since madden came out, and including all the games scheduled to come out this month... the 360 has about 50 games! The ps3 are closer to 25 games.

Those little games that get overlooked by alot of other games are the pioneer games which helped the Ps2 console sale as much as it did. But now those games are showing their face on the 360.

You guys have to get out there and make those games sale so that those little games show up on the Ps3! If you only worry about exclusives and high profile titles... then you will make sony the next nintendo, meaning people only buy their system for their exclusives and 3rd party games don't stand a chance!

himdeel4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago ) bigger then the next gen fan base. Given that fact, the 360 "should" have the higher sales numbers for this type of game. The Star Wars franchise history and the number of 360's out there makes it a clear cut conclusion.

At this point this generation it would seem weird if the PS3 sold more units of a multiplatform game. If the PS3 every does in the next two years that would be a clearer indication that MS has saturated their target market. It "could" also be an indication that the PS3 has a higher if not equal number of consoles in all markets relative to the 360.

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DavidMacDougall4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Yeah but MGS4 sold better on the ps3 cant remember how well it sold on the 360 i can remember they all wanted it so it probably sold good.

But multi platform games always sell better on xbot360 it has more people its simple maths

Irishrocket694076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

MGS4 didn't sell well on the PS3 (bargain bin after three weeks), X360 sales will double it. Your bad!

Freezingduck4076d ago

Bargain bin one buys this game

Kaneda4076d ago

Isn't this game is the only decent game so far for Xbox 360 this year? :) of course more people gonna buy on 360.. PS3 people are saving money for SOCOM, LBP, and R2...

Obama4076d ago


Come back when force has sold 5 million on the 360.

Irishrocket694075d ago

Has any game sold 5 million on the POS3, oh wait no, but I guess you like to exaggerate number, like 58 states and stuff!

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chrisnick4076d ago

right too many chromosomes.

cmrbe4076d ago

I am sure he doesn't understand what you are talking about.

blooodFrenzy924076d ago

what are you talking about!! we are in the next gen now. i agree the ps2 was great but were no longer in the past and all eyes are now on the next gen. so i really dont understand what point you were trying to make

Killjoy30004076d ago

I changed my comment, as I felt it was severely off-topic.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4076d ago

Yes.Crap games sell well on crap systems lol

Xbots dont have games to play :)

Stryfeno24076d ago

Maybe if they made it into a Blu-ray movie it would of sold better.

Shadow Man4076d ago

Couldn't manage to spin this good news so he insults the 360.

Shane Kim4076d ago

Agree with Lord Shuhei, only [email protected] bots will buy this lousy game. I mean they allready bought a xbox, so what would stop them from buying flops?