GamePlanet: FaceBreaker Review

GamePlanet writes: "Hmm. Well, if straightforward fighting games are your thing, you'll feel more than at home with EA's latest release in the fighting arena, FaceBreaker - the headline act in the publishing giant's new "Freestyle" lineup.

The title of the game is matched by a combination move that you can execute within the game - assuming you're quick enough to beat your opponent. If there's one thing about FaceBreaker that'll keep you on your toes, it's the fact that button mashers need not apply here. Learning the combination moves in the game is crucial if you want to win."

+Visually appealing
+Pumping, upbeat soundtrack
+The various game modes should keep you occupied for a few hours

-Lacks depth or replayability
-Way too difficult to play, even on the easiest game mode

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