Is It Better to Wait Longer for New Releases?

The launch of the new Mass Effect is almost upon us! After years of waiting, it has finally arrived! Good things come to those who wait, or so the saying goes, but whether or not it's better to wait longer for new releases is a topic worth discussing.

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Kribwalker1558d ago

Multiplayer centric games is say no. You find yourself quite far behind the competition then. Single player games I'd say it can be, I got the order, knack and infamous SS for $5 each the last couple months. Thats a great deal, why wouldn't I wait when I have lots of other games to play right now then

InMyOpinion1557d ago

I almost always wait three weeks or so with multiplayer games for the servers to get working, bugs to get patched etc.
And sometimes you don't have to wait long for the prices to go down. I bought Watch Dogs 2 for $19 just 3 months after launch. If I knew it was as good as it is I'd gladly had paid more though.

And yes, the BACKLOG. :) You don't NEED every game that's released. It won't suddenly vanish from the face of the earth just because you don't buy it day 1.

_LarZen_1557d ago

There is always benefits by not buying at launch. Wait a few months and you can get it cheaper and in many cases you get a better game as many bugs are removed and new features could have been added.

From my experience this goes for both single AND multiplayer games.