The Best Mass Effect Games: All 4 Ranked

Twinfinite Writes: Mass Effect has quickly become one of the defining video game franchises around. We take a look at how each game in the series stacks up.

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Spurg611d ago

Mass effect 1 was the best of the lot....It set the whole universe up and the sense of mystery surrounding the protheans and reapers made it a lot better. I will never forget the moment when Sovereign started talking to the player and the decision of who to save in the game.

bloop611d ago

Mass effect 1 is definitely my favourite too. Just discovering everything about the ME universe/lore was mind blowing.

Phill-Spencer611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Yesss! Exactly how i felt about it. And from a gameplay point of view i have to say that i didn't like the direction ME went after the first one.

Mithan611d ago

I like all three of the main games, but they all had issues.
ME1 had terrible elevators, boring planets and loads of useless items, plus I was not that partial to the combat as it was a mix between FPS and RPG.
ME2 had the stupid resource mining mini-game that I totally hated.
ME3 just had the ending story that I was upset with at the time, but over the years has grown on me.

So for me, ME3, ME2 and ME1 in order, but I love three of them.

It was my favorite franchise to be released in the last 10 years or so.

Looking forward to MEAndromeda.

BlakHavoc611d ago

ME2 is the best, followed by 1 then 3. I don't even count infiltrator lol

EmperorDalek611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Everyone has their favourite. But even your least favourite Mass Effect is still better than most games out there

I felt 3 was the weakest, due to some of the story decisions, quest log, limited dialogue options, and of course that god damn ending. But the game still managed to feel like a more real, heavy war story than any other game I've played. It's still fantastic, overall.