GameSpy: de Blob Review

De Blob is that it has an uncanny ability to make you forget about time. Many of GameSpy's stages ran for at least a half-hour, and they seldom realized it until the level wrapped and reminded them how long they had be playing. It's a beautifully immersive game that really takes advantage of the Wii's hardware to create a vivid and memorable experience. The challenges can be a bit of a pain at times, and they're not very diverse ("beat up these guys," "paint these buildings"), but they're still a rather fun addition to gameplay.

Blue Tongue succeeds because it has concocted a game that nearly any Wii owner can enjoy, from younger children to grown-up gamers, thanks to its visual splendor and simple but effective gameplay. de Blob will undoubtedly add color and character to anyone's Wii library.

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Killjoy30004067d ago

I'm so sad to realize that this is one of the first interesting Wii games in months... It's just ashame that Nintendo dropped the ball on its console because they were too busy boasting sales charts at E3 instead of showing some new stuff.

steveg25644067d ago

That was two months ago.