Boomtown: Mount & Blade Review

Boomtown writes: "Weren't the Middle Ages great? War, famine and plague all added to the fun that was an ordinary day. If anybody gave you lip then giving them a good poke, with your sword of course, could settle any dispute restoring ones honour. Believe me if you thought the 1980s were great well you have not experienced the 1180s. Just replace George Michael with the Third Crusades and you get an idea of the amount of fun been dispensed by life. Sarcasm aside, I really do think that this is an interesting period in history that cries out for some non RTS attention. Since time machines seem to be out of stock down at my local PC World I have decided to try the next best thing, Mount & Blade. Luckily for you and I Mount & Blade can bring us a taste of what it was like back then, but without the boils, hunger and constant coughing."

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