EA vs. Activision - Guess Who Threw a Punch?

It's one of the biggest battles in gaming history, Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero, and nearing up to the release of World Tour, EA has undermined their foe's hopes with a tactical release date announcement. Gameplayer reports.

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DavidMacDougall4067d ago

Ea's punch will look good at the start and build hype when watched in slow motion but in the end it will be amatuer and need work there games (< For the simple people)

Sucks2BU4067d ago

but Activision are probably worse now than EA at that stuff. Compare SKATE to Tony Hawk.

I just don't think the hate has set in with them yet.

DavidMacDougall4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Yeah some have good some have bad im just bitter because EA f**ked my favorite games up this Gen.

Killjoy30004067d ago

I honestly don't see why so many people hate EA. I mean what is there not to love about,
- Skate
- Crysis
- Black
- Burnout

and others. I think they're an ok company, despite what their position in the industry used to be.

El_Colombiano4067d ago

- Skate - Ok ok, it was a good game.
- Crysis - Crytek
- Black - Criterion
- Burnout - Criterion
- Need for Speed - Awful
- Madden - Rehashed to hell

Too many games EA has only published, compared to what they try to sell as a game when it is crap.

lsujester4067d ago

Forgot Fight Night. Best boxing games ever made, save Punch Out!!

And Criterion = subsidiary of Electronic Arts

EA has given themselves a horrible reputation over the years, but it seems recently things have been changing. They seemingly are giving developers much more control over themselves, and that is beginning to pay dividends.

Look at Activision if you want to see present day endless rehashing and developer bullying.

Sucks2BU4067d ago

Dead Space.

but that all said, EA are worth the hate because they are always pushing the envelope in trying to screw you over. They try the worst option, then wait to see what the reaction is like, then decide whether to change it and by how much - see Bad Company, Spore.

What about charging for cheats in Tiger Woods and co. That stuff is whack!

Killjoy30004067d ago

They don't have to be developed by EA to be classified as an EA game.

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Silogon4067d ago

Plastic instruments for the loss!!! Who cares who threw the 1st punch, at the end of the day you're not a Guitar hero or a Rockstar by playing plastic instruments to pre recorded songs at button press speed.

Plastic guitar hero and Rock Bland are both generic wish I could too toys.

Thoas4067d ago

I've been saying that for years.

Immortal Kaim4067d ago

Well I'm an Australian and luckily I'm 'in the know' about the Rockband/EA fiasco and the better product that is GH:WT (in terms of instruments and features). On the other hand, your everyday joe shmoe isn't aware that GH:WT is released the following week and might just sink his cash into RB. Damn you to hell EA.

btw Gameplayer, Check out this Link for the Rockband pricing info

Cheers guys.

BobTable4Four4067d ago is one of the worst gaming web sites out there. The writing is unprofessional and their "fact-checking" is poorly done. Most of their articles are rife with inaccuracies. The writers there make all the other good gaming journalists look bad.

If you want, I can give examples of said bad journalism (such irony).

That said, I feel bad for Aussies when I just bought RB2 today.