How Nintendo Could Completely Screw Up The DS 2 writer Ryan Rigney delves into the horrible possibilities that could end up being "features" in the upcoming new Nintendo handheld in this humorous article.

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hombrehambre4076d ago

This reminds me why I love SlapStic...

Flops ''R'' Us4076d ago

Quit plugging in the site like that,it only makes you look desperate

same goes to old wizard

Killjoy30004076d ago

If there even is a DS2. Nintendo is known for multiple versions of the same damn system.

RKRigney4076d ago

true that. I bet they'll do like they did with the GBA and make one more sku of the original DS right as they unveil the DS successor.

Killjoy30004076d ago

Lol yeah. They're always quick to save the poor people. (No offense)

RKRigney4076d ago

Ha yeah and to be honest I never understood the GBA Micro. The screen was so ridiculously tiny that you couldn't see what you were doing. I guess they were trying to make it "hip". I could've been if they woulda copied Apple's design style and just made it big, thin, and shiny.

Killjoy30004076d ago

Hmm, good point, +Bubbles. It's like they were trying to go mainstream, but just made it nerdier.

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GametimeUK4076d ago

Face it all I heard from my friends is how dominant the psp would be and also a lot of people doubting the DS use of stylus and 2 screens... Well for the most part the haters go a harsh faceful of reality and ninty proved dominant again in the handheld market... Whatever they choose it will probably work... Just no virtual boy glasses or a 2nd player robot (points at ROB)

Allowen4075d ago

Nintendo is Nintendo and they have always been loyal to their beliefs and that is why I love then ,expecially since Sega stopped to make hardwares.

Maybe a new DS using UMD but if they continue to use a cartdrige with more size it is good enough for me.
Many, I mean MANYYYY DS/Wii can look a bit simple in graphics and sound but they totally destroyes hundreds of PS3(I got one) and Xbox360 games.

Nintendo is about having fun, is about cool puzzles (on games such Zelda.Mario. Metroid)
,it is about a plug and play VG super easy to use that does not require installation or patching updates for their games because they 1 in 1billion comes imperfect with some bug.