Up To 85% Off Digital Sale For PS4/PS3/X1/PSV On Amazon

My shelves are full. I'm a really big gamer, and every so often I just have to commit myself to selling games I won't play anymore, or they'll only get worse. If you have the same problem, and have the hard drive space, Amazon has the deals for you. They're running a digital game sale for multiple platforms, so they probably something for you.

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1684d ago
slavish01684d ago

Damn it my girl is going to kill me. So many damn sells

InTheZoneAC1684d ago

you know whenever amazon has these sales they're taken directly from the ps store? why even use amazon for this, despite the fact that I use amazon for everything else.

yomfweeee1683d ago

Some people have Amazon digital credits that can be used or 5% off credit card.

NoFanboyJustLovGames1684d ago

tell her a hacker hacked your account lol..... keep her busy for a few days....

1684d ago
joab7771684d ago

I stopped just buying games for the sake of it. I always think it's the best deal and by the time I get to play, if I do, it's just as cheap or cheaper. With Nioh, Horizon, ME, P5, NMS update, I'll be busy for a long time so I'm not gonna be buying anything. I'll wait until I run out of things to play. As it is, I never finished F4 or a myriad of others games from last yr and the year before.

GuruStarr781683d ago

Agreed. I use Game fly now for those games I'm on the fence about. Some games I have to own, like Zelda BotW, horizon zero dawn and Destiny 2.

1684d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.