GameSpy: EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey Preview

It's a tough time for MMOs to get any measure of attention these days if they don't have the word "war" in their titles, but that didn't stop SOE from coming around last week to parade EverQuest II's upcoming expansion, The Shadow Odyssey. Set for release in November, Odyssey will focus on high-level content: approximately 20 zones of it, mainly for players at level 80 or those edging thereabouts. Despite it unarguably being for the already-enfranchised, there are some interesting ideas going into it.

For one, it will mesh in some pretty cool ways with an expansion for the original EverQuest launching around the same time. SOE will also be introducing some elements of The Shadow Odyssey in the last major content patch scheduled to go live around a month before the expansion's launch.

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