Muslim Massacre Website Hacked

John from Negative Gamer writes:

"It appears as if the continually controversial indie game, Muslim Massacre, has had its website hacked. Although information is scarce, it appears that both the site's official page and the game creator's home page have been hijacked by a pro-Islamic hacker. "

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Flops ''R'' Us4077d ago

That's what you get for promoting hate

Ogrekiller4077d ago

Coming from you, that's hilarious

-Maverick-4077d ago

Nasim = desperate low-life hater.

I bet Nasim is fat as h3ll.


badz1494077d ago

just why? why should this game be made in the 1st place? I don't think there is a need for games like this or cristian massacre, buddhist massacre, shinto massacre or even atheis massacre! NONE OF THEM ARE WANTED NOR NECESSARY! if the intention of the maker is to be funny, he/she should just stop because it isn't funny, it's annoying!

n4gzz4077d ago

"freedom of speech"
Too much freedom is not good sometime.

PirateThom4077d ago

"Too much freedom is not good sometime."

Yeah, I wish I could live in North Korea.

Pebz4077d ago

The freedom to take the completely non-biased media's version of things as undisputed truth, then amplify it, sure is great.

That is in fact the very opposite of freedom; slavery.

FantasyStar4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I prefer the "Crashbox PleaseFixMe"

P.S. - I love my 360, but I can't help but smile every time I see those words.

DoctorXpro4077d ago

Its like rats if you kill them doesn't make any difference

theKiller4076d ago

or r u just trying to be offensive? because i can say that ur mom and dad rats!! u see its easy to be offensive!!

the lesson from here is learn to respect humans, and if someone fights u fight him back, but its better to know why is he fighting u in the first place, and stop the the crap they hate US democracy and freedom etc because thats not the case!! islamic way or ruling is different than the american way (which is by brain washing with a lot of lies)!!

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The story is too old to be commented.