GamesRadar: Battlefield Heroes - hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "When Battlefield Heroes opens to the public early next year, it might make action figures obsolete. Playing it, you're reminded of all that time you spent lining up squads of G.I. Joes on your living room coffee table to do battle; but with Heroes, you'll never have to worry about picking your toys up before dinner or losing any plastic accessories between the couch cushions. Oh, and it's free.

My time in BH's early beta revealed some promising stuff: fast entry into gameplay; friendly visuals; combat that's simple without being shallow; and a leveling system that bears fruit in the form of unlockable weapons, abilities, and apparel. Like many multiplayer shooters, Heroes' best moments came when comedy crept into combat: running over a peg-legged machine gunner with our tank's treads, or parachuting onto a rooftop to lob grenades at a group of defenders, then taunting them with a chest-beating gesture to lure them out of position."

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Killjoy30004070d ago

Why does it seem like this is stealing from TF2's art direction and overall style?