1UP: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DS Review

1UP writes: "When a game's released both on home consoles and handhelds, gut instinct usually tells me the portable version's vastly inferior (for any number of reasons -- farming out development to a smaller studio, tiny budgets, and so on). Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on DS may, in fact, be the best version of them all.

Fundamentally, The Force Unleashed on DS is a hack-n-slash brawler like the other versions; the major difference lies in how you control your character. The top screen shows the action in full 3D (the D-pad is used for movement), while the touch screen performs all melee attacks and Force powers. I quickly learned the placement of the various skills -- such as Force push, Force grip, and jump -- and soon wielded the Force like I'd been apprenticing my whole life. Even the combos are intuitive for touch-screen controls, as players simply drag between two separate actions (Force push and attack, for instance) to combine the skills together with satisfyingly effect. Though fighting's fun, it can become repetitive if you try to marathon through the game, as the enemy types are fairly limited -- it's best to play this one over the course of several sittings."

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