GFW Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Microsoft is celebrating its two-year anniversary of Games for Windows and has announced that Grand Theft Auto IV is debuting exclusively on the PC under the GFW branding. When Rockstar's shooter releases in November, it will join over 85 different titles under the GFW label.

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meepmoopmeep4073d ago

for a company as big and rich as MS you would think they could afford a dictionary, yeah?

Charmers4073d ago

It's kinda funny when you read this :-

"We are engaged with our community and listen attentively to their needs and concerns. With their input our platform has continued to evolve, and we're proud of the marked improvement the Games for Windows program has brought to PC gaming in its first two years."

Then you read the comments and basically the PC community is saying "die GFWL is crap".