Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros. For Switch; To Release Later This Year?

Will Super Smash Bros. for the Switch be released much sooner than expected?

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corroios588d ago

what about a new Ip? Nintendo. Cmon something new and fresh. It would be cool.

bouzebbal586d ago

Lol are you serious..
I'm sure this smash bros is a wiiu port

_-EDMIX-_586d ago

I think he means an actual legitimate one.

Thus far with the exception of Splatoon Nintendo hasn't really supported much new intellectual properties with the same effort we've seen from a Mario Kart Smash Brothers or Zelda

Xenoblade as well if you consider it a actual new property ie not within the Xeno universe.

The 10th Rider586d ago


In what way is ARMS not a legitimate new IP?

_-EDMIX-_586d ago


Unless this companies announced a fleet of new Studios it's actually kind of unlikely we're going to hear them announce a lot of new ips that are supported as much as you see Smash Brothers Mario Kart or Zelda.

Nintendo traditionally has not really done that I've actually been very very very slow to adapting to new properties.

The wii started the Xeno series in terms of the Blade series relax xenosaga fans lol) Wii U Got Splatoon so as you see it's kind of a snail's pace for this company in developing New Concepts

They have not had a strong history of supporting a lot of new properties every generation, in fact they've had just the opposite

sinspirit586d ago

Arms seems fun, but I think we all want a new IP with as much depth as a proper Zelda, Mario, or Metroid game. Though, the new Zelda is amazing and the new Mario looks awesome as well.

_-EDMIX-_586d ago

I mean of course I think a lot of users want that but Nintendo has not done that and an extremely long time they just don't have a history of doing such a thing.

I would say Splatoon in Xenoblade where the biggest new properties we've seen in regards to bigger endeavors.

conanlifts586d ago

ARMS, snipperclips, 1-2 switch it off are 3 new ips. Splatoon was also a new ip.

_-EDMIX-_586d ago

How much did Splatoon help the Wii U? In my personal opinion 1 new single intellectual property can turn things around for any company but they still need more properties for different markets and demographics

Consider you listed Splatoon that would be like Sony listing LittleBigPlanet and having nothing else for the rest of the generation do you think that's enough to carry them? It's not saying it's a bad game it's simply saying it may not be enough.

If anything I would also be like saying Eye Of judgement and then stating super Stardust HD.

It's not saying those are bad games it's simply saying do you honest-to-god believe those would be enough to carry the PlayStation 3 successfully? So in that same respect why on Earth would you think what you listed is going to help this company change its image?

It took Sony a whole lot of failures before it got to some great successes like Uncharted The Last of Us Infamous MotorStorm what have you.

But Nintendo actually needs to break a few eggs shells to bake the cake what users are kind of displaying by not purchasing the Wii U is a perfect example of they did not do enough to convert enough users.

On the financial side what I want to see Nintendo doing is exactly what Sony did last gen...START BUYING TEAMS!

Sega just purchase Atlus and they just recently purchased part of Crytek.

Could both teams not to Great use for Nintendo? You have a team like a Creator Metroid Prime serious because I'm pretty positive Nintendo does not own Retro Studios, you would have another team to create their RPG is like Paper Mario and house as well as other RPG franchises that Nintendo owns as well as bringing over the Persona and shin Megami tensei series as well as anything else that this team could create from the ground up.

Sony purchased a plethora of teams over the last 10 years to ensure that they had a significant impact through this generation and you're seeing the fruits of their labor Horizon zero Dawn was made by a team that Sony purchased Last Generation.

Sony purchased Sucker Punch and they're also making a new intellectual property . Soooooo from my viewpoint I believe Nintendo purchasing multiple teams it definitely helped them in this situation.

Mind you the two examples I used for you I don't even believe would be enough to significantly change this company they would need to purchase more teams.

Nintendo's issue right now is they need to broaden their demographic nobody saying abandon Zelda or Mario or anything like that they simply need to start catering some more audiences if they want more sales because the Wii U was very much showing that small fan base is not enough to carry them.

If Sony could make Ratchet & Clank and resistance fall of Man I'm pretty damn sure Nintendo could still produce a Mario game as well as something brand-new from one of their main teams that actually supported just as much as a Zelda or Mario.

As of right now it is very apparent that Nintendo is not even supporting or backing anything to the degree that you're seeing Mario or Zelda that kind of needs to stop.

It's not saying to end full series it's simply saying they need to start doing the equal amount of supports the other properties once again I hate having to keep bringing up Sony but they're the only example that we could use....

Horizon zero Dawn. The fact that were comparing it to Zelda Is a big deal

conanlifts586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

@Edmix. I agree that Nintendo need to start buying new teams. In fact i was surprised that they didn't try to buy Atlus or Crytek. They have the money and need to invest it to ensure continued success.

My point regarding new ips is that they have 3 new ips and a sequel to a very popular title in the first 6 months of switch being released. That's a great start.

As for splatoon. Nothing was going to save the wii u. It failed because Nintendo barely released games in the first 2 years. Each game release was followed by a huge delay before the next was released. As for comparing splatoon to anything else. It sold 5 million copies, this is over double the number that bloodborne, driveclub and the order 1886 sold. That's an ip worthy of a sequel.

Also splatoon helps secure the market in Japan as they love that game there.

_-EDMIX-_586d ago (Edited 586d ago )


I don't disagree with you, in fact I agree with you.

simply that they need more of that.

I just don't think that's enough no different then I would believe LittleBigPlanet and maybe super Stardust would not be enough.

They missed some open opportunities to buy some amazing teams and I'm still in question why they're not investing.

They could still purchase Playtonics.
They need to start investing more and they need to broaden their appeal there's a lot of user base that they're just not touching.

Like I said I agree with you but they need more than just Splatoon because Uncharted could not carry the PlayStation 3 alone, they had a plethora of other properties that sort of help fill that void.

WickedLester586d ago (Edited 586d ago )


Nintendo should have bought Sega back when they were at their most vulnerable. Could you imagine Nintendo having such IP's as Sonic, Daytona, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Virtua Fighter, Space Harrier, Afterburner, Crazy Taxi, Panzer Dragoon, Virtual On, and Jet Set Radio all to themselves to go along with Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Splatoon, Smash Bros, etc? They could've been unstoppable!

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Dan_scruggs586d ago

You know what would be cool... Looking into something before you post something stupid in the comments.

ceooflhm586d ago

Good luck there. As long as people keep buying them they will keep making them.

_-EDMIX-_586d ago

Well they could do both and because they Outsource the Smash Brothers to Namco I don't believe they would be out of the development team anyway so I don't really see this as an either/or

meganick586d ago

I understand wanting new ip's but are you suggesting Nintendo should also NOT make a new Smash Bros game since it's not a new ip? It would make good business sense to make another one since there's a big demand for them and they sell very well.

Eamon586d ago

Very likely a Wii U port with all DLC characters and maps. Smash Bros only had 2 years on the Wii U before the console died. And since the Switch is not so much more powerful than the Wii U, it makes sense for "deluxe" version.

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TXIDarkAvenger586d ago

That would be crazy if it came out this year. Smash is one of my favourite series so I hope it does come soon.

pcz586d ago

its just going to be a deluxe version of the wiiu smash bros game, just like mario kart 8 deluxe.

nintendo are going to turn the switch into port hell

dohji586d ago

While I would like a brand new Smash I'd be fine if they added a substantial amount of new characters to the current smash and called it deluxe edition. 10 new characters would satisfy me, but only if they were all brand new. I don't wanna see them say the first 3 "new" characters are Ice Climbers, Wolf and Snake...

DarXyde586d ago

It's definitely going to be a port. Too soon for an all new Smash with no build up. That's not how Smash gets released.

I just hope we aren't flooded with ports. Sony and Microsoft set a bit of a precedent there.

jaymacx586d ago

nothing wrong with ports. I'm eager to see what 3rd party might have in the cards as well.

_-EDMIX-_586d ago

I'm not so sure I believe if that was going to be the case they probably would have just announced it at lunch anyway considering ports don't really take that long.

If it really is just a deluxe version of Mario Kart I believe it is likely that Nintendo Rush this launch because I couldn't really understand how much a simple port would take them so long to announce especially knowing it would definitely help in sales.

Sirk7x586d ago

To be fair, there are quite a few fantastic Wii U games that most gamers have not played, that deserve a chance again on the Switch. That's one of the reasons I sold my Wii U to a friend; I was banking on that I'd be able to play many of them again.

Thunder_G0d_Bane586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

Port heaven like the PS4/Xbox one.

Full of ports and remasters. So what's the problem?

WickedLester586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

In the case of MK8 Deluxe and Smash Bros I'm perfectly fine with it. Those games deserve a second chance because releasing on a system with a 12 million user base means very few people got to play them. I'd also like to see a few others be ported over to Switch like Captain Toads Treasure Tracker and Super Mario World 3D.

ABizzel1586d ago (Edited 586d ago )


The fact that many "gamers" cried foul on the PS4 and XBO for having ports, and now people act like it's okay for Nintendo when they're doing the same. AKA Hypocrisy.

I personally don't have a problem with ports on any platform, but in Nintendo's case they don't have 3rd party support to really carry them, so ports are significantly more noticeable and harder to consider as new releases when if you had their last system, you played that game for months already just because Nintendo consoles are primarily exclusive based.

But like I said, they need to port best of Wii U and best of 3DS early in the Switch lifecycle to flood the console with games Year 1 (unfortunately they're running a bit slower), and in Year 2 bombard with New IP's and a standalone Switch without the Dock with Tegra P1/X1 16nm revision and a better battery for $199, and watch the Switch take off.


Over 7m people bought Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. on Wii U / 3DS. A lot of people experienced both games, but I get what you're saying.

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Relientk77586d ago

We all know Smash Bros is coming to Switch

SockeyBoy586d ago

Definitely inevitable, but coming this year would be a huge surprise.

ABizzel1586d ago

Not if it's a port of the Wii U version, as rumored a while back.

franwex586d ago

Would be great if we get Gamecube Controller support yet again.

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