Uncharted 5: Six great studios that could take over from Naughty Dog

PSU takes a look at six possible new developers that could take the reigns from Naughty Dog for Uncharted 5, or a new Uncharted game.

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chrisx590d ago

The Uncharted series doesn't need any handing over, its finished and should remain that way unless ND has more plans. Only ND

inveni0588d ago

I couldn't play Uncharted by any other developers. I have been playing Horizon lately, and GG did a wonderful job with that game. But my son loaded up and continued trying to finishing his U4 game on crushing, and Uncharted is so smooth and polished and perfect compared to everything else. If any other developer can make a game with such mastery, why aren't they? I'd rather see Uncharted left alone from here on out than dragged to death, kicking and screaming.

freshslicepizza590d ago

you don't understand how business works. god of war is another example, they will keep making them as long as the ip holds lots of value.

chrisx590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

You don't understand how naughty dog works. They left crash bandicoot when they knew it was done, did the same to Jak and Daxter, they don't milk games like ms milks halo and gears. Sony/ND knows Quality > quantity.Your still a learner

LexHazard79590d ago (Edited 590d ago )


cant ever help himself. Sony milks just as much as MS. They have so many games tho it goes under the radar.

freshslicepizza590d ago

Crash is still being made isn't it. Uncharted can continue on without Naughty Dog, maybe one day you will learn an IP is not always attached to the developer.

ThatGuyDart589d ago

Actually chrisx is right.

There won't be another Uncharted without Naughty Dog giving the OK. Unlike MS, Sony has many other ips that they can make money on. You really believe that Sony NEEDS to milk Uncharted to death? Man they just released Horizon Zero Dawn which is now a new franchise they clearly made money on. Sony has the luxury to not lean on one single ip, they have a boat load of them.

Sunny_D589d ago (Edited 589d ago )


Crash isn't owned by Sony. It's Activision. They are going to milk it with another studio but that's not Sony's decision. The only game I can think of that Sony keeps releasing is MLB The Show, but that's a sports title.

DarXyde589d ago

Plenty of IPs go dormant or simply finish off. It's a matter of artistic vision for some studios.

Naughty Dog is one such studio.

MasterCornholio589d ago

Well they created the Last of Us after Uncharted 3 so there's that.

The recent creation of new IPs by Guerilla Games and other Sony studios shows that they value the creation of new IPs quite a lot.

Now that I think about it Bend and Suckerpunch are producing new IPs as well.

There's a demand for new experiences and Sony sees that demand quite well.

freshslicepizza589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

god of war has at least 10 different releases (including remasters and portable games) and all of them are not made by the same development team. so to try and tell people sony does not take advantage of an ip is just being naive.

ask yourself, what's the problem with sony allowing another studio to carry on with another uncharted game? the answer is nothing. if you dont like the idea of naughty dog not making it then dont buy it. its obvious naughty dog wants to do other things like the last of us 2, that does not mean sony cannot outsource it to another team.

BIGBOSS08589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Your semi right.. thing Is though, sony have so many games they don't milk their big games to death. There's often major gaps between them by like 4-5 years. Microsoft have almost killed their games by releasing so many. They have forza, forza horizon. Halo numbered, halo reach, halo wars, halo odst. It's ridiculous. They have no other big exclusive games to release between those.

MasterCornholio589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

"what's the problem with sony allowing another studio to carry on with another uncharted game?"



You really believe I haven't seen that before? But like Golden Abyss proves NaughtyDog are the ones who make those games the best.


Sony bend are making this now.

Sorry buddy Sony are the ones who get to make that decision not you. They have a huge portfolio of franchises that they chose not to produce. Uncharted despite its popularity can be stored like all the other franchises.

trooper_589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Don't confuse Uncharted with other franchises that should have ended ages ago.

Last_Boss589d ago

Moldy, the only other company that had the most consistent new ips when they were in the console race, is SEGA.

KwietStorm589d ago

What studio besides Sony Santa Monica has made God of War?

DARKKENT589d ago (Edited 589d ago )


This isn't ms and their Halo gears and Forza rinse and Repeat

Look at how many new ips sony are launching this gen, uncharted is naughty dogs creation and they said it's the last one

I agree with them let it rest after this and make a new franchise like guerrilla did with horizon.

Never say never but for now let the IP rest

_-EDMIX-_588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Not necessarily we've seen a great Gap in between releases of titles like a god of war

Look at Jak and Daxter or even The Sly Cooper series I think they'll only make games so long as creators actually have real legitimate ideas before moving on to new intellectual properties.

I think they want the studio to focus on the Last of Us or other new properties before returning to Uncharted I don't think they want to cheap and or devalue the property by continuing to rehash.

All you have to do is read the article on what happened to Jak 4 , the team elected to not make a fourth game based on not really having an idea for one.

@chris-Sony actually did not own those properties when they were first being created.

It was actually out of naughty dogs control as well as Sony considering they did not have ownership of the intellectual property.

I think because Sony was very early in gaming that the chances are they might have continued to make those series if they own the intellectual property

You might have only saw Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank based on necessity.

Call it a blessing in disguise.

The truth is we don't really know what Sony was going to do if they actually owned those properties for all we know they would have imitated Nintendo's current situation.

By having to make Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter I think it showed them that creating new properties is not the end of the world, it could also rejuvenate a install base and Sony owned it for life.

@moldy- What is Crash Bandicoot still being made have to do with Sony? Read above, they're not owned by them.

The issue is not that both of these companies created the same games the issue was that one of these companies are solely relies on creating those same games to move units the other doesn't.

So yes we got a Killzone we got an Infamous we got a Gran turismo we even got a Ratchet & Clank, but that's not stopping Horizon zero Dawn ,days gone, Kojima death stranding , Wild, Detroit etc

by the way sucker punches working on a new intellectual property.

So it's not that we're seeing the same properties the same number of times, it's actually that we're seeing one of the companies actually solely just do this.

WelkinCole588d ago

TLOU likes a word with you.

andrewsquall587d ago

@moldybread And yet Crash has been irrelevant and garbage to a lot of us since Naughty Dog finished with it (you included unless you are some massive closest Crash Bandicoot fan and you forgot to tell us lol). It took over 17 years for another studio to be able to pick up Naughty Dogs genius work and do justice to PS1 era game mechanics and animations.

Like chrisx said, you are still a newb when it comes to understanding anything, even when its almost 2 decade old history and staring you in the face.

Oh don't worry moldy, 343i have proven that a IP doesn't have to be attached to the original developer even if they can never hit the critical acclaim level of the original games (it won't stop people losing their shit with anticipation all over again when 343i's Halo 6 is announced but not before they botch another remaster with the Halo 3 Anniversary Edition due this year).

KwietStorm587d ago

You used some pos on Java to prove your point? Java?? Lmao you are truly a marvel, moldy.

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Mikerob2007589d ago

Agree only naughy dog should ever make the uncharted games, If its time for uncharted to take a break for a while then so be as i have faith in anything and everything that naughty dog does.

ABizzel1589d ago

Sony Bend already made a solid entry with Golden Abyss, so if anyone takes the crown it should be them.

That being said Uncharted needs to have limited releases going forward.

Just make 1 game per generation, and add content over the next 2 years from there. That gives them plenty of time to make sure the game is up to Naughty Dog quality, and keeps the franchise from falling into sequel overload by just doing 1 per generation.

mastiffchild589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

I think, thougg, that.Sony have been a bit brighter over this issue and see the damage done to.some franchises, exclusive or otherwise, lately via over saturation etc.

Activision show how to kill franchises like this. Think of bloody GH!? Also, the state of COD with Acti.Adding micro transactions to a nine year old entry this year as well. Ubi have brought AC and.Farcry to standstills too.

Sony never.went for yearly or bi yearly iterations even with franchises they did overdo a bit like R and C or GOW - even then these were across different gens and sometimes hand helds. To my mind.Sony are the least likely of the platform.holders to milk series these days and dont have a Forza or Halo situation or a franchise like Mario that is used across many genres whether thats good or a totally different issue, mind.

Anyway, point is onlyGOW seems to keeptrucking for Sony.and even then its having a total reboot and isonlybeing made at ause.SM lost faith in their own new ip half way thru. Idont see Uncharted being killed forever but don't see either Sony or ND making another for a long,long while after Chloes done. ND have two stellar series to chose from anyway plus the choice to remake or revisit Jak.

With this and.recent industry.franchise burnouts.why would Sony need or want to farm Uncharted out to another studio? They wouldnt even need or want ND making one.If Aloy sticks as a new face for PS they ready have a replacement.for Nate leaving ND.with TLOU and whatever comes next and sony free to let them express themselves.

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dsammy04589d ago

Please no, it only waters down a great series. Its ok to just let somethings be and leave them great. I do agree some games can benefit from a prequel like God of War Ghost of Sparta/Chains of Olympus. But Ascension was when things went too far. Uncharted doesn't need that at all I barely want to remember Golden Abyss.

DialgaMarine589d ago

To be fair, Golden Abyss was a solid game, especially seeing as it was portable. Just sucks it didn't have any kind of multiplayer, and a pretty crappy ending. The rest of the package was good though.

mad-dog589d ago

Nah, thanx but no thanx.

ninsigma589d ago

I'd say guerilla or santa Monica would make the best uncharted game after naughty dog but I'd rather just let the franchise be than have another studio take over. We don't need to over kill the franchise and I'd hate for any other studio to not work on their own projects just so they can work on somebody else franchise.

mocaak589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Agree, those are the only first party studios capable of making Uncharted games on the level of ND, but neither of them will ever work on it since they are both huge, talented studios with their own big IPs and ideas.

Sucker Punch also has its own constant releases of games, other 2 studios listed in the article are neither capable nor deserving to make an Uncharted game.

So better leave the franchise alone.

Sevir589d ago

I totally agree, MS basically has done that instead of truly. Focusing on new IPs... The Coalition formerly Black Tusk was working on a new IP, and MS instead bought Gears from Epic and forced them to work on Gears for XBO...

I'd rather Studios work on their own IPs than take over the reigns of a former studio...

While Sony may have had some successes, with LBP, GoW and Uncharted:GA, there were blunders, like Modnation Racers on PSP, Resistance: Burning Skies on PS Vita and LBP3 on PS4...

Invest in New IPs, and grow teams bigger to support core titles. It's why we have Bloodborne, Horizon, Gravity Rush, Knack, Infamous, The Last of Us and countless others..

SCW1982589d ago

If Uncharted is to continue it needs to be a fresh reboot of sorts similar to what God of War is doing.

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