HTC Dream + Android 1.0 = High expectations

TG writes "T-Mobile's expected launch of the HTC Dream tomorrow marks the arrival of the so-called Google Phone or "gPhone". While Google, HTC and T-Mobile engage in about as much pre-launch marketing activity as Apple did for its iPhone - virtually nothing – the device is creating lots of buzz, has almost entirely killed iPhone the mainstream media's interest in iPhone stories, but is lined up next to the Apple smartphone."

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IWentBrokeForGaming5116d ago

can't wait, t-mobile is last to the party and obviously are doing it big!

NanoGeekTech5116d ago (Edited 5116d ago )

But my buddy has one...and it's pretty bad sometimes(receiving and placing calls)...He can never gets coverage where he lives....and I do like that its a locked device... having to switch to AT&T is not too appealing... I prefer T-mobile.

I would like to get a Apple Touch before the iPhone but I cannot justify the price just yet....

The HTC-Dream has me pretty excited...

Now if the iPhone was also on T-mobile networks it would be a hard choice..